Corey Haim Starrer ‘American Sunset’ Is On iTunes

by on March 8, 2011

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Calling all fans of Corey Haim… if you’re interested, American Sunset, where Corey Haim starred as Tom Marlow, has hit iTunes.  American Sunset cast also included Frank Molina and Bernard Robichaud.

It’s on iTunes as a free-application on iTunes. This FREE App includes the trailer, behind the scenes and other bits.  If you become interested, all you have to do is unlock the movie and then you can automatically purchase it through iTunes.

I know a lot of you are ticked that he was dissed at the Oscars during the memorial bit and I don’t blame you. But if you want, you can celebrate his life via his movies.

Check out the press release below:

“American Sunset” Released on iTunes as an “AppFlik”

Los Angeles, CA – Global Entertainment Holdings (OTCBB: GBHL) announced today that its sales and distribution subsidiary, Global Universal Film Group, has released its feature movie “American Sunset” staring the late Corey Haim as an AppFlik on Apple’s (AAPL) iTunes App store. “AppFlik” is the new embedded application technology for movie distribution from Stonehenge Level4 Development Partners. The application is a FREE download and differs from current streaming resources in that it functions as an embedded movie to prevent piracy. The movie is loaded into an application with social networking capabilities that interact with viewers worldwide. Security against theft is greatly enhanced, there are no streaming or buffering issues, and the delivery is a hi-resolution viewing experience.

According to Gary Rasmussen, CEO of Global Entertainment Holdings, “The digital distribution of movies is highly efficient, cost effective and profitable. Delivery is fantastic – our films will be available to consumers any place, at any time, with no packaging, no shipping or logistics to worry about. Plus, the security features of AppFlik™ solve the challenges of getting safe electronic distribution of our movies.” Mr. Rasmussen continued “it took a little longer than expected to get it on iTunes, but when you download the free app you will see that it was worth the wait! Now that we got through the process for the first film, others should be much faster.” Level 4 Distribution is a digital distribution company engaging new technologies using apps as its new media platform. New media distribution is the next way to monetize content through smart phones, tablets, Google TV, and other new media platforms that use media-rich apps. This ‘fourth-level’ of distribution can be used for both older content that is looking for a new way to bring revenues as well as new content that desires to enhance its market reach.

The AppFlik™ is being marketed initially through iTunes since the very successful iPhone and iPad is currently the viewing screen of choice. However, with the introduction of other platforms (i.e. Google TV, Apple’s iTv, DroidX, etc.), the sky is the limit for this form of digital distribution.

The user’s cost of the app will depend on the amount of layers in the app itself. Starting at 4.99 and up, the apps can be quickly monetized to the content owner since the ROI is higher than other distribution methods. Cost to the content owner is a onetime reasonable cost whether it is a line item on a budget or a onetime fee to build it.

American Sunset:


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