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It is with much sadness that I report that USA has cancelled Covert Affairs, starring Piper Perabo. Or to be more precise, they have not renewed the series.

As Deadline reports, this is a bit confusing since the network has picked up other dramatic series like Suits, Royal Pains and Graceland.

But alas, Deadline got to the bottom of the matter and reports that it was purely a cost effective decision. Issues quoted were, as I have made note of in the past, rising costs, salaries and what not, and in addition, their production costs of traveling around the world to exotic filming locations pretty much helped put the nail in the coffin.

That and the demographic that watched the show was not spending money on the advertisers products shoved in their faces.

Though I must question why no one said something about costs and cancellations… but that’s just me.

HEY, If you haven’t seen the fifth season finale or season, a spoiler is coming up in the next statement.

I suspect that the show runners knew what was coming down the pipe for the series. If you watched the show then you saw the season finale and if that wasn’t a show-ending finale, well, I’m not sure what is.

Sure, there were a few open-ended stories left, but they weren’t the standard cliff hanger.

Annie was left pondering a marriage proposal from McQuaid and having been offered the chance to rejoin the CIA in a special task force, despite her heart condition. Auggie questioned leaving the CIA and Arthur was considering taking up a Senate seat, these could be stories a production could pursue

But they were also left in such a fashion that viewers could fill in the blanks as they would like to think they might be filled in.

Bottom line, I loved the show, I loved Annie’s development through the seasons from a rank rookie to a seasoned spy and I loved the subtle complications that were injected throughout the five seasons of the show.

Covert Affairs will be missed.

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