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Covert Affairs Renewed

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When you know you have a good thing, do what you can to keep it coming. In this case, USA Network recognized it and has already renewed “Covert Affairs.”

It seems early and after having watched every episode so far, it’s a bit more compelling than I had anticipated. But early renewal? Sure! It is the No. 1 cable show for Tuesday nights. Eh, I don’t think they can go wrong.

“Covert Affairs” stars Piper Perabo, Christopher Gorham, and Sendhil Ramamurthy and focuses on Perabo’s character, Annie Walker, who gets pulled early from the CIA academy to go into the field for the CIA… albeit, for an insidious, spy-like purpose that she isn’t aware of.

Christopher Gorham plays Auggie Anderson, a blind analyst who has adapted rather well to his condition plays the role with a charm that is rather surprising. This could be one of his best roles yet.

It also stars Anne Dudek, Kari Matchett, Peter Gallagher and more.


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