Crepevine in Palo Alto: It’s An Excellent Choice!

by on December 10, 2012

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This is a review of Crepevine, located in Palo Alto, California. This is a comparative recap of our very yummy experience at this new-found location for this consumer reviewer!

Crepevine restaurant review

For the longest time we (my wife & I) have been visiting one to three regular locations for lunch on Saturdays after our morning runs. One of those locations is Le Boulanger Bakery in Menlo Park. I’ve enjoyed the food there, but the customer service has tested my patience at times.

Alas, during one of our forays out looking for someplace new to venture to, my wife and I hit up University Ave. in downtown Palo Alto and started walking up the street until something caught both our eyes just right. And that turned out to be Crepevine.

The reason I brought up Le Boulanger in MP is that the outline of how you order is the same, more or less.

At Crepevine, you walk in, either pick up the menu or read the beautifully transcribed chalk drawn menu on the wall, put in your order at the cashier and then having been given a number, go find a table. In Le Boulanger, you get a beeper/buzzer and you go pick up your order from a counter. In Crepevine, they bring it to you and have many folks floating around to tend to your requests or inquiries, if you need anything else.

The pricing for the menu items is very competitive and you won’t go broke eating here. But then the surprises kept coming.

We both ordered something different and enjoyed the ambiance of the eatery. That being that it doesn’t feel crowded with table or booth spacing to be set out very nicely. I’ve never been fond of settings that packs you in shoulder-to-shoulder with other clientele.

Crepevine huge plate load of food

Then the food arrived and what a shocker, because the orders that came out were huge. The salads and sides were generously distributed and it was an eyeful.

But the additional issue of happiness was that every thing put on the plates was wonderful. Wow!!! That’s all we could say. It’s rare when I devour salads, but they managed to make one yummy. The fries and potatoes were some of the best we’ve ever had.

We were pleasantly surprised that for the prices, we received so much food, in an ambiance that was quite agreeable that I think we’ve found a new place to hit up on Saturdays.

Oh, and as the name does suggest, Crepevine has quite a few egg-based dishes offered on the menu, from crepes to scrambles and omelets. But if you head off to their website to check out their menu, don’t be fooled. The range of offerings we saw in Palo Alto greatly outnumbers what the website suggests. You have to go there to see for yourselves what’s available.

Don’t fret, there’s more than this one location in Palo Alto. They’re also located in other Bay Area cities like Irving, Church, Oakland, Berkeley, San Rafael, Santa Rosa, Savor, Burlingame, San Jose/Willow Glen & Mountain View(Castro).

I can’t attest for the other locations though I can probably assume that they’re all great locations, but I can wholeheartedly say I recommend Crepevine in downtown Palo Alto. It’s a wonderful location right in the middle of the downtown strip, has wonderful service and provides wonderful food for wonderful prices. (Yea, but how might I really feel???)

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