Criminal Minds 5th Season Finale Recap and Review of “Our Darkest Hour”

by on May 26, 2010

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Criminal Minds Season Finale with Tim Curry

Criminal Minds 5th Season Finale, Tim Curry guests

Tonight’s television event of Criminal Minds opened oddly, as we watched old home-movie footage of a cross-country trip in an old RV. Obviously this RV has crisscrossed the country. The driver, guest star Tim Curry, hovers over a home when the power goes out. That’s when he moves in.

He’s dubbed a possible 2nd Night Stalker but later, his moniker by the press become the prince of darkness. His method of attack, is to wait for a rolling black out to strike.

The team heads to L.A. to tackle this new twisted terror. He’s struck numerous times throughout the years. The next victim is a single mother. The son is the survivor with horrid memories. One of the killer’s trademarks, leaving a witness to remember. To evidence his power over them. His next victim, he leaves the baby.

Criminal Minds Season Finale with Thomas Gibson - Eric Close - Joe Mantegna and Robert Davi

Criminal Minds Season Finale with Thomas Gibson - Eric Close - Joe Mantegna and Robert Davi

The BAU figures out that the crime spree started when one of the L.A. detectives, Matt Spicer, played by Eric Close (Without a Trace) was left behind as a witness to the first murder, 20+ years ago, of his parents. His partner is Eric Kurzbard, played by Robert Davi (Stargate Atlantis).

The episode starts to wind down, coming down to the unsub kidnapping detective Spicer’s sister and daughter and the confrontation happens at the detective’s old house where he grew up & witnessed his parents murdered.

The season finale ends with Derek being tied up, the detective shot, his daughter kidnapped by the unsub. We’re left with another insidious cliff-hanger from Criminal Minds. Oh how they know how to torment us!

Criminal Minds Season Finale with AJ Cook and Thomas Gibson

Criminal Minds Season Finale with AJ Cook and Thomas Gibson

Criminal Minds opener, starring Tim Curry, was as off centered as the entire season. It’s been a great, dark season as the police procedural approached new and darker, twisted criminals. I particularly loved the supporting cast tonight… I’ve enjoyed both Eric Close and Robert Davi in their previous work.

I’m disappointed we didn’t see more of Tim Curry. I felt he was under used because Curry can ooze insidious with such a wonderful believability. I’m hoping that he takes more of an active role in the upcoming 6th season.

But before I say much more, just know that tonight’s episode, the season finale of Criminal Minds, was the usual top-notch episode they’ve been producing all season long.

I can’t wait for next season!

updated 9-22-10: A quick review of the Criminal Minds Season 6 Premiere, concluding Tim Curry’s role!

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Bruce Simmons July 31, 2011 at 9:18 pm

Janet, I can’t seem to find anything reliable… though one source indicates that it might be “Who By Fire” by Leonard Cohen. See if that’s what you’re thinking of. You can confirm this here:

Hope this helps Janet. -Bruce

janet July 27, 2011 at 7:20 pm

wht was the song played at the end of this episode (Prince of Darkness) with the words “who by” being used. I loved it and would like to purchase it.

doris estrada August 5, 2010 at 5:02 pm

didn,t like it as much as some of the other epsodes, not enough of the regular players. didn,t have the interaction between the character i like to see. it was just creepy and nothing else.

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