Criminal Minds 6th Season Premiere & Review

by on September 22, 2010

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Criminal Minds season 6 premiere

The season premiere of Criminal Minds picks up where the season finale of season 6 left off, with a deliciously devilish Tim Curry, playing the twisted Billy Flynn.† It almost made this season premiere review too easy.

With Derek (Shemar Moore) left tied up to watch the crime take place, he’s overly focused on catching the killer once he’s found by his team.† Meanwhile, Flynn keeps going on his killing spree while treating his captive little girl, Detective Spicerís kidnapped daughter, his hostage, as an accomplice.† Though she’s quite the mental handful for Flynn.

With little hope of catching the guy, Hotch (Thomas Gibson) puts JJ (A.J. Cook) on the Emergency Broadcast System and she muddles her way through talking to the guy… and her words as a mother and an understanding soul have their impact and he lets the little girl go.

But he holds up in a house and lets himself get surrounded and requests that Derek come in to talk to him.† While he has another couple hostage.

Derek shows no fear to the man, and as he stands, raising his gun, Derek ends him.

Criminal Minds season 6 promo art

Once again, the criminal is written and portrayed wonderfully.† Curry was the icing on the character and the character was Derek Morgan’s weak spot.

It looks like the writing will continue to focus on the slow, twisted burn of the “unsub’s” mind.† It worked for me last season and I hope they do continue their approach. But as we’ve come to discover, they do tend to change up story-telling approach across the seasons.

Criminal Minds also starred Joe Mantegna, Paget Brewster, Matthew Gray Gubler & Kristen Vangsness.

Next episode is the send-off episode of A.J. Cook.† The preview made it sound like it was her choice, but CBS is looking to save $$ in letting her go.† It’s a bummer as far as I’m concerned.

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