Criminal Minds Almost Adds a New Female Role

by on September 29, 2010

in Entertainment

Criminal Minds season 6 promo art

When I first saw that CBS was toying with the idea of adding a new female character to Criminal Minds, especially after dropping A.J. Cook, I was becoming confused and developing one of those miffed attitudes that last for years when I’ve been outright wronged! But I can settle down… because it seems they’ve come to their senses.

Instead of adding a regular, what they’ve done is add Rachel Nichols for a story arc with Nichols as FBI cadet Ashley Seager, who is invited by Hotch to consult on a case.

But still, that’s crazy as to why dump a popular character/actress and then add a new one? They mentioned way back it was about the costs and nothing more, but if they were really considering a new addition, I started wondering if it could have been more than that.

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