Criminal Minds: Landmark 100th Episode Review

by on November 27, 2009

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One of the better crime drama shows on TV, Criminal Minds on CBS, hit their landmark 100th episode this week, titled “100,” written by Bo Crese. (OK, it’s one of my favorites, and judging from the preliminary overnight ratings, Criminal Minds was watched by 13.5 million other viewers whose favorite this might be.)

I finally hit up my time-shifted viewing of the show and my family and I were blown away.

CBS made the 100th episode of Criminal Minds a mind numbing conclusion to their Reaper story line in a way that had you saying, “No, that can’t happen,” to “Are you kidding me?

I was rather moved by this episode so I thought I’d share!

There are SPOILERS BEYOND THIS POINT, so if you’re one of the many time-shifted viewers, bookmark this and come back and share your thoughts with us after you’ve seen it.

In the beginning of “100” you’re watching the story develop through conversation as the BAU team is being interviewed after the fact. The interview board is looking to determine if Aaron Hotchner (Thomas Gibson) acted accordingly in this particular scenario where he attempted to stop the mastermind serial killer George Foyet, AKA The Reaper.

George Foyet was delivered flawlessly to us by C. Thomas Howell, as we’re shown just how focused, determined & highly intelligent Foyet can be in his pursuit of his end goals, which in this case is destroying Hotch’s life.

Through the interview process, we see through the eyes of the BAU team, that everyone did everything right and still, the results came up short.

At one point, the Reaper interrogates U.S. Marshall Sam Kassmeyer (Played by D.B. Sweeney), the officer charged with protecting Hotch’s wife and child. Via gunshot wounds to the knees and feet and a few severed fingers, Foyet does not get the information he wants. Foyet’s interrogation methods would have made Jack Bauer in 24 envious, but in midstream, Foyet realizes that the cop’s phone must have the phone number of Hotch’s wife, Haley in memory.

Through insidious subterfuge, Foyet gets to Haley’s house, calls Hotchner, and while on the phone with Hotch, shoots her. The entire phone conversation was surreal and intense, making you wonder what was going to happen and yet at the same time not doubting the outcome at all.

At first all I could think was that we’re being led to believe that she was shot, but alas, through a few more minutes of story, we find that Foyet did indeed commit the unbelievable act of killing her.

We then found ourselves panicked and worried for Hotch’s son, but Aaron Hotch gets there in time to stop Foyet… the only way Foyet deserved to be stopped.

Hotch is cleared of any wrong doing and we move on from here… to the 101st episode next week, which I can only imagine, will pale in comparison to this episode. But that’s OK. I need a moment to step back and take a breather from this one!

Reflections on Criminal Minds and Such

Criminal Minds has always been written very smart through all the different characters. We’ve never been pushed onto any character the way some other cheaply written shows try to do sometimes and because of the writing style, CM is a pleasure to watch. Our minds are engaged and every now and then they change up the process. Last season, we were seeing the show from the unsub’s perspectives, which they made work wonderfully. The primary writer for CM is Jeff Davis, so I say thank you to Jeff for his work.

I’ve always enjoyed Thomas Gibson’s portrayal of Aaron Hotchner (Hotch) and thought I’d like him in other projects. Yet the only other project I’ve seen Gibson in was the ill-fated fantasy movie The Monkey King. I never did see him in Chicago Hope though, which is where he seemed to get his feet under him in a regular role in the 90’s.

I can only hope we get to see more of Gibson’s stoic and focused Aaron Hotchner for some time to come in Criminal Minds. And for the moment, he has no other projects under his name on IMDB.

It was fitting that the title of the 100th episode of Criminal Minds was “100.” Wasn’t it?

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nastassia roman June 16, 2010 at 8:35 am

You should check out thomas in ‘dharma and greg’ it’s the total opposite of hotch but just shows what a great actor he is..!
LOVED 100 too!

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