‘CSI: Miami’ Is Hitting It Out of the Park with Their Season Finale

by on May 17, 2011

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CSI:Miami Season Finale Review

CSI Miami Logo - InvertedI didn’t think that CSI: Miami could top the mind-twister of an episode they tossed at us with the penultimate episode titled “G.O..” Up front, that was a crazy and original approach to at least making me think that the victim was dealing with secret agencies that he sadly stumbled across.

It kept me on my guessing-toes until it all started coming together when our earnest CSI: Miami detectives discovered the entire lot of suspects in one place.

And then to find out it was all a fantasy bought for the mild mannered accountant by his brother, well, hey, except for the real accidental murder, that could have been a great experience for the victims of this prank. Too bad. None the less, “G.O.” was confusingly fun.

DVR Spoilers from this point forward:

Yet the ninth season finale of CSI: Miami brought the action to the TV like I haven’t seen in a while. Starting with a woman being stuck in a trunk of a car and driven into the water.

With one of my favorite (and underrated) actors, Callum Keith Rennie to play Jack Toller was a real gem for me to watch. Though we’re seeing Rennie right now on AMC’s The Killing, that role doesn’t seem to be the right fit for him… that is, unless we use our television forensic skills and ponder what kind of roles he has been playing of late. In which case, I wouldn’t be surprised if he becomes the suspect in the murder! Sorry, I’m getting off-point/show.

Callum Keith Rennie plays the ruthless Jack Toller who manages his own escape out from under the noses of Lieutenant Horatio Caine (David Caruso) & Det Frank Tripp (Rex Linn).

In pursuit of Toller, Caine comes across several characters who swear not knowing the guy and yet, all end up being involved in one way or some obscure other ways. One of those characters finds himself pushed beyond his boundaries of tolerance and snaps. (No, I’m not telling everything. You’ll have to see it for yourself!)

I enjoyed seeing Natasha Henstridge in the episode and loved it even more when she turned out to be a Fed. Much to “Pres Obama’s” chagrin… or Walter Simmons (Omar Miller), who initially was being snarky with her about her admission.

The episode ends with Toller still on the loose, Horatio getting shot, yet again, and someone we all know and love in that car trunk, as it starts to sink into the water.

Frank was totally, 100% Frank this episode. His usual intolerance for the criminal ilk is pretty fun for me to watch. But once he got banged up with that head wound, his short temper with the cretins became even shorter and more fun to experience. It was Frank, full-throttle. (If any Stargate Universe fans are reading this, wouldn’t it be awesome to pull together a fan-favorite show cross-over with Frank and Sgt Greer? No criminal would stand a chance, if they lived! LOL.)

The closing scenes were pretty chilling. I think they orchestrated the cinematography of Caine getting shot rather well. It was a wonderfully realistic looking situation. It was also a very chilling scene to see the victim stuck in the trunk of the car, struggling with the situation. It drew me into that trunk with that character. I have to say, I seriously hate cliff-hangers that actually work! Arg!

My only nit about the episode is that the script or director missed taking advantage of Callum Keith Rennie’s ability to exude creepy, patient and smart. It was almost like they shoved his capable persona inside something else. I love Rennie’s work and would love to have seen it exploited just a touch more… though he did make the dang near perfect maniacal evil-doer. Did he not?

Can’t wait to see what they do next season in CSI: Miami after this season finale!

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