CSI Season 11 Ender Plot, Langston vs Haskell

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CSI: Crime Scene Investigation

Nothing can define a great series like a great opponent of one of the primary characters. And so it is with CSI characters Ray Langston (Laurence Fishburne) and Nate Haskell (Bill Irwin). Langston’s only real weakness is his nemesis, Nate Haskell. He’s already taken a piece of him last season, and now Haskell has taken a piece of his, well, you’ll see.

The one thing that surprised me in these last three CSI episodes was with the focus on Langston and Haskell, we did not get a lot of story on Catherine Willows (Marg Helgenberger). I only say that because this was her last season on the show. Unless something has changed… though I haven’t heard anything. Have you? Though I can’t imagine leaving a cush job after 11 years/seasons.

This was an energetic three episodes seeing Langston so focused, upset and off-balance. Bill Irwin brought Nate Haskell to an entire new level of demented and he made it real easy to hate the character and his crazy collection of “Haskell Wives.”

Spoilers ensue if you’re a DVR addict like we are here at Cinema Static:

CSI - Bill Irwin as Nate HaskellIn the final three episodes of season 11 of CSI, it was about Nate Haskell’s mission of eluding and tormenting Ray Langston. First by the manipulation of a hapless father and his family… but then the investigation has the CSI’s head out to Los Angeles pursuing Haskell, who has not only struck again, but has killed his ex-wife’s husband doing it. Hence, his ex-wife is presumed to be soon to be dead.

But Haskell’s antics have driven Ray to the breaking point as he slips away from the team to pursue Haskell on his own, and it doesn’t look good. Catching up to Haskell is one thing, catching him is another. Despite the chase to Los Angeles, it was all a ruse of sorts.

After going rogue, Ray is sent home to Las Vegas, but he realizes just who Nate Haskell is… the name of the first victim of this crazy killer, whose real name is Warner Thorpe.

CSI Laurence Fishburne and Tracee Ellis Ross

But he took had taken Ray’s ex-wife and brought her to his father’s house in the outskirts, a crime scene we visited in the third-from-last episode and it’s here that Ray finally confronts Haskell, in the only real way that Haskell could be dealt with. But as it always is with Haskell, even after being killed, he impacts the team as they investigate the death of the serial killer.

The investigation, though technically correct, is peppered with some liberal doses of interpretations. If Ray Langston says he intentionally killed Haskell, that puts himself and the team in legal jeopardy, to one degree or another.


But that’s the beauty of this cliff-hanger. Langston is upset enough and has had enough that I would not be surprised to see him confess. But he can’t, his team depends on it. Of course, his confessing would add a wonderful wrinkle to the upcoming season, if they go that way. Man, that would be annoying, in an entertaining fashion, for the upcoming 12th season of CSI on CBS.

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