‘CSI’ Season Premiere with Ted Danson And Preparing For a Farewell

by on September 22, 2011

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CSI: Crime Scene Investigation

CSI on CBS returned Wednesday night for their 12th season premiere and the gang is back in action. But there will be a few changes coming up this season.

In this new season of CSI, we have the cast addition of Ted Danson showing up in the season premiere.in his new role of I’ve really enjoyed Ted Danson when he was on Damages and I’m looking forward to his stint on CSI. On TV, he was last seen on Bored to Death.

So far he’s brought a certain quirkiness to the role in the first episode. Taking a call from his wife in the middle of a crime scene to laying down in the middle of the crime scene to see what the dead man might have seen last.

They’ve also shown that he’s not just quirky, but that he’s extremely intelligent. Like a Grissom. But right now, in the first episode, there seems to be something afoot in the background.

The odd statement about how it would be a shame to see Nick go. Catherine apparently got demoted and showing an uncharacteristic streak of public frustration.

But alas, if anyone has been following this site, you know that Marg Helgenberger will be leaving CSI. More than likely she’ll be exiting in the next episode or two.

The season premiere of CSI was top notch, as usual.

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