Curious About What Shows Gain Numbers From Time-Shifted Viewing?

by on October 17, 2012

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DVR Ratings are important

If you’re curious about how shows are doing as far as how they’re viewed after they’ve aired, this week, I thought I’d take look. Plus, I touch on why (my guess) we never see Person of Interest on Demand.

First up… these are DVR’d shows that are commonly referred to as time-shifted viewing. Most numbers are recorded for only 7 days after they air, so any other stats beyond those 7 days aren’t reported. (They’re probably kept somewhere, but the numbers must drop enough to not warrant regular reporting)

There’s first the look at the percentage growth from live viewers to time-shifted viewers. After that, is pure numbers.

(These numbers come from the first week of the 2012-2013 TV season)

(Based on percentage)

  • Grimm on NBC (+54.9 percent),
  • Glee (Fox: +53.9 percent),
  • Revolution, Fringe (Fox: +49.7 percent),
  • New Girl (Fox, 48.4 percent),
  • The Office (NBC: +46.0 percent),
  • Parenthood (NBC: +43.0 percent),
  • Parks and Recreation (NBC: +42.8 percent),
  • Hawaii Five-O (CBS: +41.2 percent) and
  • Private Practice (ABC: +39.6 percent).

But if you check out pure number of viewers, adding both live plus time-shifted viewers, Revolution leads the pack in the (+number of added viewers): But still isn’t the most watched new series, as NBC seems to claim.

  1. Revolution (NBC): 14.08 million (+4.87 million),
  2. Modern Family (ABC, season premiere): 18.85M (+4.41M),
  3. The Big Bang Theory (CBS, season premiere): 19.58M (+3.92M),
  4. Elementary (CBS, series premiere): 17.30M (+3.89M),
  5. NCIS (CBS, season premiere): 24.13M (+3.65M),
  6. Person of Interest (CBS, season premiere): 17.84M (+3.56M),
  7. Castle (ABC, season premiere): 13.84M (+3.36M),
  8. Hawaii Five-O (CBS, season premiere): 11.38M (+3.32M),
  9. Vegas (CBS, series premiere): 18.15M (+3.30M),
  10. Greys Anatomy (ABC, season premiere): 15.01M (+3.28M),
  11. The Mentalist (CBS, season premiere): 14.33M (+3.28M),

So it’s interesting to see how a show can muster up good TV ratings, and how it gets bolstered by time-shifted DVR watching. This is a new era, that’s for sure!

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Why Person Of Interest Is Never On Demand

Of note, you’ve probably noticed that Person of Interest on NEVER these tables. The reason being is that Person of Interest is not on Video On Demand (VoD) anywhere. And unlike last year, I can’t even find it on the CBS website.

CBS does not allow the show to air via in VoD service. I presume, with the show being popular enough, they’re testing the waters on how they’re driving viewership to either the show itself, or DVD/Blu-ray sales. I like the show, but I keep forgetting to record it because I’m doing other things. I catch up via reruns way later in the season. At least I did for season 1.

And no, it doesn’t matter if this practice ticks you off and you’re never coming back to CBS. That doesn’t fly in the face of the final numbers. They seem to have driven a sufficient number of millions to the show to negate the few disappointed citizens like you, who are left out in the cold by this practice.

Though, something to keep in mind is that I’m not sure it’s CBS you should blame. This could very well be the production company behind the series that has made this decision. That’s Bad Robot (JJ Abrams), Kilter Films (Warner Bros. Television) are the noted production companies, CBS “distributes.” I’m looking closely at Kilter Films for this one.

Any one of these companies could have made this decision.


I think I figured it out… NBC has been saying that Revolution is “the most watched new show.” It think they left off “on Monday night.” Ha! I’ve been trying to figure out how they’ve been able to say that since the numbers haven’t been adding up for me…

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