Cute, In-Depth Baby Conversation About – Whatever, Something Important I’m Sure!

by on March 30, 2011

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Came across this incredibly cute and very deep conversation between twin babies on YouTube.  Well, as deep a conversation as one can have with the use of one to three different words, or sounds.  Then again, they are twins and they’re probably developing they’re psychic secret language skills.  Check it out!

If you’re having a bad day, just come here and watch this YouTube vid.  How can you stay depressed?  How on god’s green earth can people “dislike” this!!!???

Any how, here are some great theories on what the conversation is about:

  • baby1: I want the popsicles!!
  • baby2: Me too!
  • baby1: Im gonna falcon kick the door off!
  • baby2: No that wont work, you gotta use your hand like this and falcon punch it!
  • baby1: *I cutely laugh at you because that obviously wont work!
  • baby2: Falcon kicking wont do anything!
  • baby1:yes it will! Look,? i will show you how to prep for falcon kick! whoops, it didnt work
  • baby2: now watch me *FALCON PUNCH
  • Mother: *turns off camera before baby 2 punches because she knows room will be utterly destroyed
  • User: snare310

~ ~ ~

  • 1st baby: What do you mean I need to put? on another sock?
  • 2nd baby: You look silly! That’s what I mean!
  • 1st baby: Look! It makes my right foot lighter so I can do this……
  • 2nd baby: Why would you want to do ….that?
  • 1st baby: Cuz! I’m workin’ out! I’m gonna puuuuulllll…uh!….open this freezer one day, dude, and make off with ALL the ice cream!!
  • 2nd baby: You done done done da da da da done lost yo mind! Talk to da-da-da- hand!!
  • 1st baby: YOU talk to da-da-da-da hand!!
  • User: TheThreekeys

~ ~ ~

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