CW’s Beauty And the Beast Needs To Get A Smarter Story Line

by on October 30, 2012

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Kristin Kreuk and Jay Ryan in Beauty and the Beast

As a faithful fan to the Beauty and the Beast TV franchise that starred Ron Perlman and Linda Hamilton, I thought I’d give the CW network’s reboot a try. The reboot stars Kristin Kreuk (Space Milkshake, Chuck, Smallville) as Detective Chandler and Jay Ryan (Top of the Lake [in 2013], Go Girls, Terra Nova) as Vincent.

At first I was worried about Kreuk delivering her best, wispy voiced Lana again, but the season premiere of the show seemed to dispel that worry.

My next worry was how Vincent was going to be explained.

In the original 1987 series, Vincent was just a mere, unexplainable mutation that looked like a lion. He also was connected to Catherine in such a deep, emotional way, that he always knew when she was in trouble.

It had enough mystery to it to let this lion-looking mutation be plausibly acceptable. The genetic differences were also a great way to keep the two love-torn people apart, because they could never be. (Oh the tension!)

Jay Ryan in Beauty and the Beast

But in this 2012 series remake, we took a few shortcuts and fell back on a classic, overused standby. That of a government experiment gone awry. Loss of temper being one way for “the beast” to come out. Plus, you have this synthesized roar of his that seems out of place.

But I’m having a problem with a huge logic flaw in the story between our two primary characters, and it’s driving me crazy.

It seems that no matter how many times Vincent and his mylanta addict partner, J.T. (Austin Basis) tell her to not call or stay away, it’s all she’s ever doing. Calling and showing up. (Because sure, looking over your shoulder as you stand outside their front door is an incredible precaution. Like setting out sandbags while the flood rushes past your front door.)

Kristin Kreuk in Beauty and the Beast

All this despite her hard drive being mysteriously wiped on her. Hello, do the math!

And as these two get emotionally closer, I’m starting to see that weak, wispy Lana mode of Kreuk’s kicking back in.

Obviously from previews of upcoming episodes, we see that the secret government agency that axed the program Vincent was part of, is on to Catherine.

If the show looks like they aren’t getting a renewal nod (They had requests for more scripts from The CW, yet no promise of extra episodes or a renewal), they at least have established the perfect way to end the possibly short-lived series reboot.

Stupid woman’s repeated actions causes secret government organization to be able to locate Vincent, and euthanize him, like all the other participants. Secret agency decides to clean the slate totally and smites Catherine too.

Because, at this rate, that’s what I’m full expecting. Some “smart” cop’s stupid behavior blowing it for everyone involved.

Kristin Kreuk and Jay Ryan in Beauty and the Beast series premiere review

CW… please, think about a smarter approach to the potential of this perfect love story, before you neuter this beast of a show.

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