CW’s Beauty and the Beast – Series Premiere Review

by on October 12, 2012

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Beauty and the Beast series premiere TV review

The CW’s newest gamble, Beauty and the Beast, premiered tonight (Thur, 10/11/12). It stars Kristin Kreuk, & Jay Ryan in the rehash of the late 80’s TV series of the same name, that starred Ron Perlman (Sons of Anarchy) and Linda Hamilton. (The earlier series netted several awards, including Perlman’s Golden Globe for Best Performance by an Actor in a TV-Series.)

Kreuk you may remember from Smallville and Chuck, and Ryan has been in shows like Offspring, Terra Nova, & Go Girls. He’s oddly, also in an upcoming 2013 series called Top of the Lake. (I hope that isn’t a bad omen!)

Kristin Kreuk and Jay Ryan in Beauty and the Beast series premiere review

The story of this newest incarnation of Beauty and the Beast starts out with us watching Catherine Chandler’s (Kreuk) mother get murdered in 2003 and the killers turn on her, but she’s saved by a mysterious, beast-like savior.

In present day, Chandler is a detective in New York city, and she has a case that leads her to Vincent Keller (Ryan).

The story we get is that he’s a product of a government experiment that was terminated due to hostile side-effects. Everyone that was participating in the program was terminated. Vincent escaped the mass execution.

But he warns Catherine that she has to be very careful and not get on “their” radar, but I suspect her investigating Vincent may have already done that. We’ll see.

Kristin Kreuk and Nina Lisandrello in Beauty and the Beast TV series

Watching Beauty and the Beast, I have two references I’m looking at it with. The ’87 series and Smallville. I can’t help it because I watched all ten seasons of Kreuk’s Lana in that show. In the opening scene, it felt like her old wispy voiced persona, but as the series premiere episode moved along, Kreuk seemed to embrace the detective persona.

Catherine can also kick some serious butt with well choreographed fight scenes. That’s nice to see, a kick butt female character.

I’m still trying to get a feel for Ryan’s Vincent. Again, I have the old series in my head, but this is not that Vincent. This Vincent is a good guy who saves those in need and has one mean, government juiced nasty side. (Nasty, if you’re a bad guy that is.)

So far, he’s shown up and saved Catherine a few times, so I am wondering if he has that “connection” that the Vincent in the other series had. They did not expound on that. Yet.

Beauty and the Beast review, Jay Ryan pictured

All in all, I enjoyed this season premiere of Beauty and the Beast and I look forward to where they’re taking it. The old series won Emmy’s for their music and this new rendition did have quite a bit of thematic soundtracks to it. No complaints, just an observation.

This could very well be a thematic genre hit for The CW, as the lead in to this show is The Vampire Diaries and this could be a good combination of shows for a Thursday night. Or as is the case often, great time-shifted viewing.

Of note, Ron Koslow is an exec producer of the show, whose resume includes the ’87 series, Roar, Birds of Prey and the fan-favorite, Moonlight, that starred Alex O’Loughlin. He has a good track record for genre series and I hope he pulls this together with the other exec producers and hits it out of the park.

Other execs include Sherri Cooper (Everwood, Brothers & Sisters), Jennifer Levin (Felicity, Without a Trace, Brothers & Sisters), Bill Haber (Rizzoli & Isles) & Paul Junger Witt (original ’87 series, The Golden Girls, Blossom).

The show seems to be in good, capable hands. (AND seeing Haber’s resume, I was thinking about that show while watching Kreuk and her other detective partner doing their work… no wonder.)

Check out Beauty and the Beast, if you’re a genre fan. You might like it. I did.


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