DANCING WITH THE STARS Premiere: A Terse Cinema Static Recap… of sorts

by on March 22, 2010

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Dancing with the Stars premiered tonight on ABC.  The cast of stars isn’t that bad at all this year.  A few look like they’ll last till the end and a few, well, will only last long enough as they get supporting votes for their favorites.

Here’s the cast from the show:


* Aiden Turner
* Buzz Aldrin
* Chad Ochocinco
* Erin Andrews
* Evan Lysacek
* Jake Pavelka
* Kate Gosselin
* Nicole Scherzinger
* Niecy Nash
* Pamela Anderson
* Shannen Doherty


* Anna Trebunskaya
* Ashly Costa
* Chelsie Hightower
* Cheryl Burke
* Damian Whitewood
* Derek Hough
* Edyta Sliwinska
* Louis Van Amstel
* Maksim Chmerkovskiy
* Mark Ballas
* Tony Dovolani


* Bruno Tonioli
* Carrie Ann Inaba
* Len Goodman


* Brooke Burke
* Tom Bergeron

Let’s get right to it, shall we?  I’m in my terse mood!

Chad and Cheryl

Chad:  “Don’t ever tell me its good unless I get it right…”  Cheryl: “Fine, you suck, do it again.”

He says the only time he dances is in the endzone, and he keeps getting fined for it.

I like his subtle, humorous approach.

Score: 18

Shannen Doherty and Mark Ballas –

Oh boy…  Mark has his work cut out for him.

score: 18

Erin Andrews and Maksim

Maybe she looks pretty hot on the field, amongst a bunch of jocks, but she’s just nice looking here on the show.  Funny what a setting change will do.  She seems worried.

But their training recap was entertaining.

Erin seemed to have fun, but you can see Maks doing most of the work.  Man, her arms look way long!

Score:  21

Jake Pavelka, Chelsie Hightower

Of course, Vienna is not too far away… and in the audience.  Jake seems very comfortable in front of the camera.

He’s a bit stiff and for me, I can see an imbalance in his style, but that’s just me.  Like Chelsie said, it’s about improvement.

But Jake did it with that trademark smile of his throughout!

Score: 20 (Eh, what do I know!  But he is an ABC product.)

Niecy Nash & Louis

Niecy can move!  I wasn’t expecting a comedienne to move… sorry.

Score:  18.

Evan Lysacek & Anna…  (woof!)

Wow,ABC was busy blurring out every single sponsor in the background of the Evan’s video clips of his skating.  LOL.  Despite the fact that the spins go in the opposite direction from what he’s used to, I expect him to go the distance in this show to at least the top-3.

He looks pretty smooth out there, that is when I could tear my eyes off of his professional partner, Anna.  And the crowd (girls) go crazy for the gold medal Olympian!

Score:  23

Space-man Spiff…  I mean Buzz Aldrin and Ashly Costa

He’s an 80-year-old competitor.  Oh boy…  looking a little stiff, but it’s cool that he’s out there.  How many weeks do you give him?

Ashly did most of the moving, and we’re OK with that, but Buzz gave it a great go at it.

BTW:  If he didn’t say he was 80, I’d never know it.  Buzz got a great, standing ovation.

Score:  14  (Ouch!)

Nicole & Derek Hough

The female contingent of the audience lost it when Derek was introduced.

Nicole is smooth… she may very well be one of the last standing in the top-3!

Score:  25

Edyta from a previous season

Edyta from a previous season

Aiden Turner and Edyta (some say my wife’s look-a-like)

A fine looking pair they are!  They should get the votes for looks alone…  and yes, she’s my fave, right behind Cheryl Burke.

Aiden isn’t moving graceful enough for this comeitition…  I think Edyta is going out too early yet again… she seems to get the challenged partners!

“1 Gust of wind away from an FCC fine”  a quote from Tom Bergeron on Edyta’s dance costume!

Score:  15!

Kate Gosselin & Tony

My perceptions about Kate are rather discolored from the past, no matter what kind of make-over or words she applies.  But I’ll try to be fair… try I say!

Tony will be able to carry her through some of it, but she is looking a wee bit uncomfortable.  Ack.. Kate needs more flexibility!

Score: 16

Pamela Anderson & Damian

Pamela has the “hot looking hair” look (That’s all I’m saying to keep it decent) and is tossing out a whole lotta hip moves, like, dare I say it, a pole dancer!  But as someone else in my household put it, not compeletely hideous.

Bruno said it best:  “All I can think of is sex, sex and more sex.”  (OK, good, it’s not just me!  Gads, I hope my wife isn’t reading this!)

How did she dance?  I kind of missed the actual technicals of the dance.  I’m not seeing her in the ending top-3, but she should last long enough to make it fun.

Score: 21

Bruno is a hoot!

And that is that for the premiere of the 10th season of Dancing with the Stars.    BTW:  Eliminations are coming after next week’s next dance performance.

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