Dark Knight Rises – What’s Up With Fans and the Early Reviews?

by on July 18, 2012

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About a week ago I started noticing some webmasters talking about throttling their comment sections on their Dark Knight Rises pieces.

It seems that some seriously overly fervent fans are lashing out at the Dark Knight Rises articles and this week, at reviews.  They’re getting so stupid ugly that websites are locking down their comments.  Rotten Tomatoes, at first, was moderating and deleting the stupid comments*, but now they’ve had to shut them down altogether because there were too many coming in to manage.

{*I’ve had to resort to removing troll comments here.  I hate it, but I also hate patterned bashing, as I’ve noted in my comments rules.}

And all this ripping is coming from fans who haven’t even seen the movie yet.  Seriously people?

Because of a few fervent and thoughtless folks, now the rest of the good folks are screwed from chiming in.  And for what, a movie you have not seen yet?

The idiocy went way beyond where it should have when death threats were lobbed at critics.  I mean how f*ing stupid can you be to lob death threats at someone for speaking their mind or opinion?

AGAIN, about a movie they haven’t seen yet.

Back in the day, when I worked on ScreenRant, even I had some curious threats that suggested death by disease and what not.  In one aspect, you have to laugh at the mentality of the mindlessness that goes into this behavior.  And yet, if there are enough of them, it becomes pretty sad.

The THR article that prompted this piece, said that “fans” are taking offense at the tone of the reviews and are bitching about spoilers in the reviews.

I think there are two sides to this, or these coins.

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The Words Critics Use:

One… sometimes critics see more in a film than the standard fan would take note of.  For instance, almost to a tee, every review I’ve seen talks about how so much is happening in the first act of the film that it’s overwhelming.

That’s how I’ve interpreted a few reviews.  You see, how folks use words differ from person to person.  I’ve learned to filter critics out because some of them don’t speak my language in my words.  Some might use words I’d consider harsh to describe something but rather than take offense, I just chalk it up in my mind as something to take note the next time I see a review from that particular critic.

There’s no need to bash on him.  He/she is who they are.

And like I’ve said before on this site, there are critics who specifically write their reviews for the society of other critics, not movie-goers.

Spoilers in Reviews:

Bane (Tom Hardy) in 'The Dark Knight Rises'The other complaint folks are having online are that after searching out and reading the reviews, they’re complaining about having the movie spoiled for themselves.

You only have yourself to blame for that one folks.  If you’re searching out reviews and getting spoiled, no one made you do that.

Me, I’ve looked at four reviews.  One pretty much went off the spoiler angle without any warning because of how they were describing events they watched.

I used the power I have at my fingertips and stopped reading the damn thing.  Chalked up who it was, and moved on.

I’ve read three other perspectives that start out be explaining they aren’t putting movie/story details in the review, but this is their opinion on the film framework.

Now those are reviews that I read.

So I think complaining about spoilers is a non-issue.  You need to police yourself on that one.

If you’re a regular here on Brusimm, you know my reviews will start out and note if I think I’m going to toss out spoilers.  But for the most part, I do my damdest to avoid them.  That’s because back in the day (before being a self-proclaimed entertainment reporter) I used to avoid all media about movies so I can go into a movie and be surprised.  So I get it, the mindset behind not wanting to be spoiled.

For now, Rotten Tomatoes looks like they’re considering revamping their commenting system.  And it’s a sad thing to say, just because a small percentage of the population shows up and shows how truly shallow-minded they can be.

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