DC Rebooting ‘Batman’ & Looking to a ‘Justice League’ Movie

by on March 31, 2011

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JUSTICE LEAGUE by Adam Withers

JUSTICE LEAGUE by Adam Withers (Deviant Art)

While we’re still waiting for Christopher Nolan‘s third Batman movie, The Dark Knight Rises, (which is now in pre-production) and is due out in theaters in July of 2012, Warner Bros is already looking beyond the latest movies and plotting new comic book based hero movies.

What they’re focused on is putting together a Justice League movie and then spawning out possible Flash and Wonder Woman movies from there. Unlike Marvel who put out individual movies first and then collected the characters into a larger canvas under the Joss Whedon directed movie, The Avengers.

What worries me is that Warner Bros is looking to keep Batman as their center-piece character. For the moment WB is saying they’re having conversations with producers Christopher Nolan & Emma Thomas on where they think the character’s next phase will go. (There’s more on that in a Batman Rebooted Opinion piece coming later.)

We would have had a Justice League movie sooner than this, but the writers strike and worrying about the competitive nature of an assembled group movie while Marvel was putting up The Avengers tempered their momentum on the project… they say.  Or maybe they were letting Marvel test the waters for them to see how an ensemble picture would be received.

Either way, we have a lot of DC comic character movies to look forward to, including more Batman.

They want this Justice League movie in theaters by 2013 and a script is already in the process, as are Wonder Woman and Flash scripts. (Maybe someone should take a look at Joss Whedon’s spec Wonder Woman script again.)  At least with them saying these things about the scripts, the nebulous status of cloud-rumors about the Wonder Woman and Flash projects have been elevated now to a predictable mist in the sky.

This news also pulled a surprise punch on the Batman franchise. I had settled in on the idea that Batman would exist for these three movies, then they would let it sit for while, like much the break between the past Batman movies and Nolan’s.

For fans, it’s all good news.  For me, I have a little confusion I address in an opinion piece on whether it’s too soon to talk about rebooting Batman.

Keep it tuned to Cinema Static for more Justice League and other DC comic movie updates as news comes out.

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