Deadliest catch Cast Quitting due to Lawsuits

by on September 29, 2010

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Deadliest Catch Cast Quitting

While the Discovery Channel is suing three boat captains from their hit reality show, Deadliest Catch, for a failure to fulfill some contractual obligation to finish a spinoff series, the captains have decided that the litigation will prevent them from continuing on in Deadliest Catch.

I’m not sure those folks behind Discovery were thinking this through, except through to their wallets.

They have a huge hit on their hands and rather than working it out, with issues for filming to be completed on this spinoff series, Hillstranded, they decide to sue the cast of their own reality show?

I don’t think they understood who’s on the other side of the reality camera though. These boat captains are real people. People not mired in the social-political world of the fragile-minded industry. These are real-world stars and they, it seems, aren’t going to stand for this double standard they’ve been put under.

We’ll see how it goes from here, but dang people, think it through before insulting and suing. You just never know how long-term your actions will stick.

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