‘Dear John,’ A Quick Opinion/Movie Review

by on August 12, 2011

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I just sat through the movie Dear John with my wife.  The movie left us with a wonderful feeling when all was said and done as it had a few, very strong emotional moments that are hard to not be pulled in to!  When the movie was over, we were left with strong feelings about a few scenes that helped me lean towards my movie review score that I gave it.

Amanda Seyfried in DEAR JOHN

Dear John Stars Channing Tatum (The Eagle) and Amanda Seyfried (Red Riding Hood), and is directed by Lasse Hallström (Hachi: A Dog’s Tale).

It’s basically a romantic drama about a soldier, John Tyree (Tatum), who falls for a college student, Savannah Curtis (Seyfried), while he’s on leave.  In the short two weeks that they know each other, they fall deeply in love.

But then Tyree ships off for a year’s service overseas and they write each other diligently.  But fate and various events within and outside their lives weigh strong influence on what happens between them and tough choices have to be made.

The story covers a time-frame over several years as we follow the tribulations of these two through a well directed film that carries you through some great emotional scenarios, from the battlefield to the realm of the heart.

Channing Tatum in DEAR JOHN

If you like romantic dramas, I think you might love this tale.  If I were to rate Dear John, I’d give it a dramatic 8 (out of 10).   I’m not sure why this movie received average reviews.  It was a good, sit at home and enjoyable to kill time over dinner kind of movie that left an impact with this viewing household!

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