Dear Weather Channel, Please Get Better Top-5 Videos

by on July 28, 2011

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A Cinema Static opinion / observation piece:

Dear Weather Channel,

Crystal EggerI tend to watch your evening coverage as I settle in to go to sleep. I enjoy the variety of coverages your network presents. I also appreciate some of your on-air personalities, like Crystal Egger. She can make the mundane a bit more tolerable. OK, a lot more tolerable.

I love your “weather on the street” pieces and do enjoy the viewer submitted Top-5 vids.

But there are some flaws in the system or programming that I’d like to point out if I may.

Top-5 Videos

Your top-5 videos of the day, in premise, is an awesome bit where you let your viewers send in videos that you share with us, your network viewers.

I am also betting that 99.9% of your viewers are not cinematographers, that what we get are probably the cream of the crop of your submissions. If that truly is the case, I pity the foo’ that has to review all these submissions.

But if you can PLEASE try to favor steady shot vidoes over wildly-running video, that sure would be appreciated.

If you can favor centered action pieces, that too would be wonderfully appreciated. I love that you put the short vids on a loop but it is also rather taunting to have the loop, after 2 to 3 plays, stop right before the ‘moment’ the video is about. When I see the vid replaying, it builds that anticipation of seeing that moment again and then it’s yanked out from under us. Ug.

Oh, and one last thing… when some of your cool top-5 videos have the actual action or deed off-center, please have some of your personalities stand off from the screen. Every now and then, I’ve seen one man stand there in front of the event that he’s describing and the viewers in television land sort of miss what you’re showing.

Otherwise, keep up the great work Weather Channel!


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