Dedicated Bookmarks Or Your Own Dedicated Home Page For Writing

by on July 6, 2011

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The other day I saw an article from ProBlogger talking about ‘using dedicated Bookmarks‘ [the-commonsense-time-saver-we-all-missed] to help get your job done faster. In their article, they talk about adding links to a links folder on your toolbar to sites or resources that you user regularly while you’re busy trying to write an article. It’s a handy idea indeed.

In fact, it’s good for two ideas… to keep your resources handy and to also help you stay focused on what you saved out that you want to write about… that is if you need tools or tricks to stay focused and avoid the ADD mode like I get.

Personalized Links Web PageI’ve taken this ‘resource bookmark’ idea a step further in my processes and use two different resources to help me either track ideas or inspiring articles for writing, or resources. I use Google Bookmarks to slam things into so I can go back to them, and I use my own custom home page. I’ve been using my own custom webpage since 1999. It’s faster, easier and you’re in total control of it.

Oh, wait, I have a third process I forgot about… I also retweet into one of my Twitter accounts and paste into my Facebook account interesting things to my followers. This is also like a bookmark system, but if I never get to it, then at least my followers have seen the info in some form. (Which is why you want to follow me on Twitter and Facebook… there’s much more content out on those accounts that never makes it to article form here on the site.)

But back to my other processes… So I use Google Bookmarks and I have to say that when all is said and done, I probably get back to about 10% of what I’ve bookmarked. The rest gets cycled out via time. The trick to managing that is that you have your Google Bookmarks sorted by time as your default view so the latest bookmarks show up first. And then to also add the toolbar button for the application so it’s as easy as pie to save bookmarks. Of course whatever bookmarking system you have will do just fine. I’m singling out GB’s only because that’s what I’ve been using for some time now.

My other trick is using my own personalized homepage that I’ve created. I have places on the web that I keep this central resource, so that no matter where I am, I can get to it. In recent time I’ve found I’ve had to password protect it because questionable ilk started using it too. It’s bad enough they scrape my articles for idea sources… so I had to password protect certain parts of one of my domains. But not to worry, I have a copy of my custom home page on the computers I use.

If you’ve never dabbled in writing web pages, it’s easy and you can can create a web page and save it to ‘My Documents’ and either bookmark it or make it your home page. If you don’t have html or webpage authoring tools, for writing out or creating a simple text-filled webpage, Kompozer [] is a free web authoring system and does the pretty basic stuff pretty easy for you.

This personalized home-page I use has grown over time. It used to be pretty simple & straight forward. But over time it’s expanded from a single column to multiple columns to help categorize my resources. In this truly personal home page, I’ve set the links to open in new pages or new tabs and this is what I use to hit up websites that use or visit often.

So be it… that’s one of my own custom tools that I use to get my job done in my day-to-day scribing!

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