Defiance: Info and Their New Trailer

by on October 17, 2012

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Defiance series and MMO from Syfy

For quite a while now Syfy and the Internet minions have been preaching about the Syfy Channel’s newest offering coming up in April of 2013, called Defiance.

It’s called a ground breaking new show because it marries a live-action series to an online MMO game. From that, I guess what ever happens in the show can be encountered later in the game online.

Defiance stars Grant Bowler, Julie Benz and a slew of other, little known cast members.

The other part of the pitch is that it’s from the minds behind Battlestar Galactica & Farscape.

I’m guessing that would be producer Michale Nankin? He did direct eight episodes of BSG. And other series on his resume include CSI, Caprica, & The Protector.  I’m not sure I’d call him the mind behind BSG though.

So I’m not sure if there are other “minds” though one article I came across indicates that Rockne S. O’Bannon is the exec producer. I didn’t see that on the show’s IMDb page but it’s on his own page. He’s the name that pulls Farscape into the fray, but he’s only noted for writing and exec producing 1 episode.

So there’s that. (I’m noticing NBC getting pretty creative with how they market their shows these days. It’s not false advertising, but as they leave off key words, it seems to become a slight stretch of details.)

I haven’t been giving it a ton of thought, but after seeing the 30-second Defiance trailer, suddenly, I’m interested. (Hey! There’s one guy that looks like an Engineer!)

“Drifting through a terramorphed American landscape, the mysterious Nolan (bowler) settles in a border town where aliens and humans fight against the fragility of peace. Tune in weekly as the citizens of Defiance thrive in this hostile world, and see how their struggles impact your war in the high-octane multi-platform MMO shooter from Trion Worlds!”

Here’s the official site if you want to know more:

So it looks like it might be an interesting series, where it’s said to try and make a go at a space/western series.  (Where in the world have we heard that before?)  I guess we’ll see.  -B

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