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Delivery Man reviewThe 2013 movie, Delivery Man, stars Vince Vaughn, Chris Pratt (Guardians of the Galaxy), Cobie Smulders (The Avengers) and is directed by Ken Scott (Starbuck, The Grand Seduction).

The movie is about a spectacular underachiever, who in his hay day, made anonymous donations to a fertility clinic for the bucks. But what he didn’t know was that the clinic used his “product” copiously, making him the father of over 500 children.

David Wozniak (Vaughn) learns about the copious use of his product when 142 of the clinic offspring file a lawsuit, trying to force him to identify himself, despite his confidentiality clause that he signed with the clinic.

David turns to his lawyer friend Brett (Pratt) for help in defending against this because he does not want the kids in the lawsuit to know who he is.

Meanwhile, just as all this is developing, his girlfriend, Emma (Smulders), announces that she’s pregnant, to the underwhelming response of his.

And the fun goes from there.

Vaughn once again delivers his classic persona of a man in a serious situation while still managing to make it funny for the viewer.

Yes, it is his usual persona, kind of like how we get the same action hero out of Tom Cruise in all his movies. But there’s something unique about his portrayal in each comedy that makes it feel acceptable, as if you know what to expect: A serious slacker who manages to wrangle a challenging situation while lobbing funny moments into it, throughout.

In this story, we learn about some of his serious flaws that impact his life and everyone else around him.

But when he finds out about his “kids,” and maybe the timing of his girlfriend being pregnant, he decided to check in on his kids. All of them.

It is cute and confusing all at once because I didn’t catch the kicker that started him on this crusade, but you forget about that soon enough as he encounters each of his different kids.

And boy did they all turn out different.

If you like Vince Vaughn or even Chris Pratt, you will love the film. They both perform true to form. I was used to Smulders being a SHIELD Agent, so seeing her in something different was a bit of a head scratcher, but that was easy enough to get over it. (No, I never watched How I Met Your Mother)

Renting the film will not be a waste of money, but it is out on one of the cable pay movie channels, which is where I watched it.

It is cute, mostly family friendly (He owes money to loan sharks and they come calling), and as with all his movies, does have a satisfying ending.

What confused me about the movie was when I started researching it and found out it was a remake of a 2011 film titled Starbuck, that was written by the director. (Starbuck is Vaughn’s secret identity at the fertility clinic)

But that should not bother you one bit in watching this flick.

There were enough quiet laughs with maybe one or two out loud laughs, but it was the quiet burn of the humor that helps me give this film a popcorn 6. Easy.

Either way, it is an enjoyable reprieve from the real world to spend a few minutes watching Delivery Man.

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