‘Dexter’ Beginnings: Review

by on December 19, 2013

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Dexter season 1 review

This TV series review is for those of us who have yet to have experienced the Showtime series called DexterDexter is now on Netflix, so if you missed the show on the upper-tier cable channel, but happen to have Netflix, or are curious about maybe renting the series from other sources, this review is intended for you.

Dexter stars Michael C. Hall as serial killer (of a sorts) Dexter Morgan, Jennifer Carpenter plays his sister, Debra Morgan, James Remar plays his father and one of my favorite character actors, David Zayas plays Sgt Batista.

And as a quick reference, the show has won 36 different entertainment industry awards during it’s run on Showtime.

Dexter, Season 1, Episode 1:

Victim tied down: “Hail Mary, full of grace, the lord…

Dexter: [Slaps him!] “Stop, that never helped anybody.

And I instantly fell in love with the potential the show delivers…

Michael C. Hall and David Zayas in Dexter

In the first episode we meet Dex’s sister, co-workers, and what he does for a living…  police department blood forensics pathologist (Blood Spatter Analyst) in Miami, FL..
Why Miami, Florida?  “With the solve rate for murders at about twenty percent, Miami is a great place for me. A great place for me to hone my craft. Viva Miami.

With the traits that Dexter displays, we learn, via flashbacks to conversations with his father, how he got on the path he follows.

The first episode ends and we know enough about Dexter to get how devilishly messed up he is… by society standards.  And yet, despite his, um, flaws, he’s learned how to focus his talents into something for good.

And despite his obvious predilection to murder killers, he knows himself well enough to understand exactly how he ticks.  And through a lot of self-dialog and story development in each episode, we, the viewers get to know him too.

Through it all, we learn when and how Dexter got the way he is, as far focusing his murderous ways on the criminal ilk.  And how he deals with the challenge of being so inhumane in a world of humanity.

Again, a curious dichotomy of what is the trend of anti-heroes.

Oh, and the casting for earlier versions of Dexter as a child, seem spot on as far as looks go!  Dang!

Michael C. Hall in Dexter

It’s interesting watching the first season of a popular series.  To watch the production qualities and character portrayals in the early episodes can be rather insightful.  Or at the very least, entertaining.

After watching the first three episodes of Dexter, I have to say that I like the tone of the story and how it’s delivered.  It’s dark, morbid and yet tempered with well timed moments or references of humor that works well within the structure of the story.

(The humor and context of the scripts come from Jeff Lindsay and James Manos Jr. (The Shield, The Sopranos).  The show is based on a book series.  And for veterans of the entire series, the stories of Dexter have been continued in comic book form!)

If you’ve come to enjoy shows like Breaking Bad and Sons of Anarchy and the like, shows that are populated by anti-heroes, I think you will enjoy the show.  At least based off the first three episodes, this looks like a promising series that can last a few seasons!  LOL.

Judging from the awards the show has won and the fact that it went eight seasons on Showtime, I’d go so far as to make this a recommendation to catch it.

And you can catch it via Netflix, which will have all eight seasons available after January 1, 2014; Or rent a few Dexter episodes on Amazon.

Either way, I think it’s a winning decision to check out Dexter!


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