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by on December 7, 2011

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If you caught Syfy Channel’s holiday/Christmas episode of Eureka, you were in for an interesting treat, to say the least, with the tale narrated by S.A.R.A.H., the house.

With the entire gang all there, this promised to be a Eureka kind of Christmas!

Of course, this is Eureka and nothing goes as planned. But this new problem that crops up involves the grown ups, the fake snow, and the kids Christmas present which they’re not supposed to open or, well, power up!

And then all kinds of animation breaks loose! Or more to the point, the what’chya-m’cell-it on the top of the mountain goes awry and emanates a signal that turns everyone into either cartoons, clay-mation or modern-day anime butt-kickers!

It’s a stand-alone episode that doesn’t quite fit into the regular story line, and that’s fine. Now it can be played out for whatever year they want.

It was, what looked like, a great little homage to all the holiday specials from Christmas past as the the different animation styles reminded me of one or another of many holiday specials through the years from years past.

And if you were paying attention there were little, adult shots of humor peppered here and there. But there were some great moments of humor and an occasional bit of clarity. That is, if you can count Sheriff Carter’s jeep pointing out that no one says please or thank you to him. (His name was Carl.)

Sure, the down side was that we didn’t get to watch our beloved characters from Eureka, but we got to hear them and watch the animated versions of them participate in the usual Eureka fun that is just that, fun.

The Problem I had With the Eureka Episode

I had a small problem with this Christmas themed holiday episode of Eureka and on and off it distracted me through the episode.

That was the fact that I was probably or maybe, watching the very last holiday episode of Eureka and that made me sad at times. So I tried to drink it all in as much as I could, even if they were animated.

I can only hope that we might get just one more holiday episode out of the gang after next years’ final season of Eureka. That, in itself, would be bittersweet!

So even though it was a fun episode, it was also a potentially sad episode.

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Bruce Simmons December 8, 2011 at 10:02 am

I get it Paul, it was definitely different. One had to really focus on the content and not the visual to get past the toon feel. I think if you can do that, maybe it will wear off on you. But I do get it… the animation was distracting.

paul forcey December 8, 2011 at 7:18 am

I hated it!
I know the episode was meant to be fun and maybe it was a mindset thing (i was beat and wanted to go to bed) but I only lasted 10 minutes or so.

Maybe I will watch it again on netflix or something to see if I like it more.

We LOVE Eureka and are heartbroken that it is going, admittedly it has become a bit same old but it is still one of the few shows we stop to watch


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