Difference Between Movies Today & Yesteryear – Where to Next?

by on August 29, 2011

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A Cinema Static Opinion and Observation:

Between movies of the past, and potential movies of tomorrow, it’s amazing where the tech is taking us.

I find it amazing how acclimated I get to today’s movies what with the introduction of good CGI, digital filming and what not that makes the experience of a movie more of an event for the moviegoer. Effects these days are beyond what I suspect people from the 70’s or 80’s could even imagine. Conceive maybe, but to see it is such an awesome experience. We live in wonderful times these days.

It’s said that in 1856, Oscar Rejlander did the first visual trick, having a scene freeze, actors hold perfectly still while he swapped in a dummy in place of an actor getting their head cut off. But Georges Melies made A Trip to the Moon in 1902, the imaginations of many were sparked. Of course the next guy has to do better than the other guy. And that, is where the consumer makes out. Actually, Melies had made around 500 short films in his day.

From multiple exposures, color dissolves, matte work, miniatures, men in monster suits, aka, my personal hero, Godzilla. And then CGI came along. I don’t mean the early CGI, though that led through trial and error, to the much improved CGI that we get these days. CGI, being Computer Generated Imagery.

These days, CGI is encompassed in many films, the big ones that come to mind immediately are the latest Tron and Transformers. (There are many, many more examples… so many movies use CGI these days.)

'Transformers 3' promo banner bumblebee 01 600w

Now we’re venturing into the land of additional CGI dimensions with the advent of 3D. When done right… aka, Avatar, where James Cameron designed the camera system to film in 3D properly. PROPERLY. Not the post-processed crap that is done after the fact, but truly filmed in 3D, like Transformers 3. Now there is good post-processing. Honest. There was a lot of quality post-processed footage in Transformers 3 was done by Legend3D.

Now admittedly, everyone has jumped on the 3D bandwagon and has tried to force it on the consumer. The consumer though, doesn’t want to pay the prices that are being charged to watch 3D movies. I don’t like when a movie is released and we only have 1 or 2 times a day to catch a 2D version. So right now, I’m not a huge fan of post-processed, live-action movies that try to force their profit margins by making us watch 3D.

Regardless, 3D has its place. Animated features create awesome 3D features, as well as do CGI-heavy movies. But I think it’s a waste of time on most live-action films. Please, don’t force post-processing 3D on us in live-action movies.

But beyond 3D, what could possibly be next?

R2-D2 Princess Leia Home Theater ProjectorI keep thinking back to when R2-D2 had the 3D projection of the princess message, cry for help. I can envision projected 3D visuals as a new level of visual entertainment. I can see putting a flat box on my sitting room table and having the movie take place on my coffee table, in projected, 3D shapes. But wow, right now, I have no idea how tech could conceive this idea. Then again, 25 years ago, who would think we would be watching living, giant alien robots in 3D that turn into cars and back? And I don’t mean a DLP R2-D2 projector.


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