Director Josh Trank Dropped From STAR WARS Gig

by on May 21, 2015

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Fantastic Four movie logo imageI think one of the worse moves one can make is to piss off the Disney monster when it comes to a job. Especially one where you were hand picked to herald their new golden child franchise, Star Wars.

But it seems that Trank has done just that and Disney chose to let him off of the hook, so to speak, from directing one of their Star Wars movies.

I first took note of Trank when he brought the 2012 film, Chronicle, to the screen. It was a great film that he created and it put him on the board. Then he landed the role of directing the new Fantastic Four reboot. And oh, it is definitely a reboot.

But during his stint on the Fox reboot, his behavior was rumored to be erratic, isolated, and indecisive. When rumors say that film producers had to step up to help finish a film, that is not a good thing because that’s a director’s job.

I’m sure there has to be a good reason for the internal meltdown on Trank’s part. My guess is he got in way over his head and did not know how to handle it. But that’s my guess, off second-hand rumors.

Fox released the proverbial standard marketing rhetoric saying they’re excited for the Fantastic Four reboot and Trank later released a statement that he worked hard on the film.

And then word on the street is that Trank says he exited the Star Wars project.


Let me get this right… one of the biggest opportunities a film maker could have… a Star Wars gig, working for Disney… and he chose to exit this golden career path road?

Either way, there was enough noise coming out of the Fantastic Four production camp that caused Disney and LucasFilm to cut ties with Trank. What a huge career blunder.

In the world of Hollywood where no one speaks ill of anyone, and social imagery and “who you know” matters, this seems like a huge crater in Trank’s career path.

Not to mention it sounds like the Fantastic Four reboot might have had more than one creative voice in the pot. This franchise never got a decent chance under the helm of Fox… I can only hope for their sake, it is a nice game changer.

And yes, it’s a wee bit of a different origin than what we’ve seen in the comics. I hope they know what they’re doing.

In the mean time, I’m bummed for Trank’s career choices. There’s a more detailed bit at the source, over at [ .hollywoodreporter. ]

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