Dish Network Employees Acting Like Comment Spammers? [Consumer Bits]]

by on May 27, 2011

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Dish Network Spammers???


What is up with the staff at Dish Network?  Over the last few months I keep getting comments on my site from folks who actually leave engaging comments (Good) but then end up pitching some product or other  from Dish Network (bad).

Like any website administrator / owner, I love comments that engage in the actual subject matter that the article is talking about.  (Unlike those spaz-minded spammers that say they agree with my opinion when it’s an image post.  LOL)

But I have a low tolerance for spam and spammers.  Regardless of the engaging content.  My site is not your sales room for your fodder.  It’s as simple as that.  I don’t tolerate pitching your wares here, almost as much as when other sites steal my ideas.  But that premise is for another day!

But what I really wonder about though are the business practices of Dish Network.  Are they really hiring spammers or telling their staff to hit the web and spam their wares?  Or are these just random people.

Regardless, if I take this at face value, this is a crappy trick that appears to be getting deployed by Dish Network.  Bad on you DN.

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