Dish Network Is Dropping AMC and Other Networks

by on May 7, 2012

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AMC TV home of 'The Walking Dead,' 'Breaking Bad' and 'Mad Men'If you’re a Dish Network fan, prepare to be screwed over if you are an AMC TV fan also. Turns out that Dish is looking to drop AMC network, along with IFC, Sundance & WE networks next month.

Dish says that they’re dropping AMC because of the higher fees they’re charging per subscriber since they’ve had mega cable hits like The Walking Dead, Mad Men and Breaking Bad.

AMC claims that Dish is doing this as a retaliation to a lawsuit between an AMC subsidiary and Dish, but Dish replied with their higher fee response.

Between some articles we’ve all seen last year that touched on accusing AMC in not knowing how to handle mega-hits, and the firing of The Walking Dead‘s Frank Darabont… well, I don’t know what to think. Despite their uber-popular series, they do have some of the longest running commercial breaks I’ve ever seen on TV, as they go for at least 6-minute ad runs during their breaks.

But I can see Dish being snippy too, being as how they seem to have people on their staff who head out and spam website comment sections with Dish sales pitches.

I’d rather lean towards supporting AMC’s take after being besieged (well not really beseiged, but it is annoying to see comment spam ads from Dish employees. I’ve been hit enough to wonder if they actually hire spammers themselves or pay employees overtime to badger us.

An example of one of their comments goes along the lines of

Hey, great piece about mold growing. Ive always been interested in mold growing and you nailed it on the head. But hey, if you want more news about growing mold, Dish Network offers up On Demand offerings across twenty moldy channels. You should come by!

So you be the judge and decide for yourself on that slight side-track of an issue….

But in the meantime, AMC TV fans are about to find themselves screwed by this lineup change. Well, on the bright side, you can take your money and hit upAmazon Instant Video or Netflix, where they do have the content you’re most likely looking for. I know I did my catching up on Breaking Bad over on Netflix, in HD and that was impressive!

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