Disney Quietly Moving Their MARVEL Products Into the Disney Stream

by on April 15, 2010

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Marvel on Disney

I don’t know if anyone has noticed, but after Disney dropped $4 billion on buying Marvel.  Marvel still has movies to distribute via Paramount, Sony and Fox, which include what has been coined as several more  Spider-Man movies.  In time, Disney will retain sole distribution rights, giving them an important sector of the economy, young men and boys.

But the one item I’ve noticed, and tell me if you have too, but I’ve been starting to notice over the last month or so more and more obvious Marvel characters in the background of some ABC (Disney) programs.

I don’t know now long it’s been out there, but someone told me that Marvel merchandise has started showing up on the Disney Store web site.

It’s an interesting facet, watching how things change, being around to see that kind of change.  I think this Marvel acquisition is big for a long term kind of big as Marvel gets more and more heroes out on the silver screen, Disney will be reaping the rewards, as I’m sure they have calculated such, and why they dropped the BIG bucks on the purchase.

To think of Iron Man at Mickey Mouse’s beck and call is really distressing.

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