Disney’s Purchase Could Impact Star Wars The Clone Wars on Cartoon Network

by on November 5, 2012

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Star Wars The Clone Wars season 5 promo art

If you’re a Star Wars: The Clone Wars TV series fan, you might be interested to see the conjecture that THR put out in an interesting piece about what could happen to Cartoon Network‘s popular animated series.

When Disney snagged LucasFilm, everyone, to a tee expects changes to kick in regarding the Star Wars franchises. Fan fiction may find itself impacted, other venues could be seeing other changes. But one thing THR noted was that with the absorption of LucasFilm, there’s a good chance that Star Wars: The Clone Wars (SWTCW) may end up leaving Cartoon Network.

SWTCW is one of Cartoon Network’s (CN) more popular offerings. This October saw the series hit top numbers for it’s time-slot on Saturdays for boys 9-14 (Yes, Nielsen tracks all ages), and it’s growing rapidly in other demographics.

This is a great money maker for this Turner-owned cable network. But their contract for airing the series comes up for negotiation this upcoming year and some industry experts suggest that SWTCW could leave CN for another Disney controlled channel.

The Clone Wars is in its fifth season on CN and it would be a shame to change up the venue that consumers have become accustomed to. But then, Disney has its Disney XD cable outlet, where you can catch other offerings like The Avengers animated series. (Which isn’t bad either!)

I don’t know the numbers themselves, but I have to wonder if there’s something to gain by pulling The Clone Wars over into Disney XD versus leaving it on CN.

And if Disney does move the show, how many TV consumers will this impact?

But if I were Disney and I had my options, I’d probably pull my new content under my own business umbrella and eliminate a few middlemen and their various small, but accumulative fees. It makes business sense.

Me? I actually don’t know if I have Disney XD on my cable channel offerings. But it is in my On Demand menu and that’s where I watch all my Disney animated content.

Do you think this potential change will be good (for you) or what?


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