Disney’s Secret Tent-pole Movie Looking At George Clooney

by on November 10, 2012

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George Clooney in The Descendants

A bit ago I chatted about a secret Disney project that was being called a tent-pole project with ramifications for multi-platform aspirations. Attached to this secret project was Damon Lindelof (script) and Brad Bird to direct.

I was starting to take the guess with that piece that this might have been the new Star Wars project being worked on. My math was that if production starts on Star Wars in 2013, that it might have been this project that was being reported back in May.

But it seems that Star Wars: Episode VII just hired its writer AND that this secret project is now in negotiations with George Clooney to star in.

The code names for this secret project are 1952 and Tesla. (I wouldn’t look at the code names as any kind of clue to the project. Most studios use pretty ambiguous nicknames for projects.)

This new secret movie is being rumored to be along the lines of what Close Encounters of the Third Kind was, with a man looking for aliens on Earth.

Disney is hitting on all cylinders these days and 2014-15 looks to be a huge year for anticipated action movies, with The Avengers 2, Star Wars: Episode VII and more than likely, this new, secret tent-pole movie.

Jeeze, a tent-pole movie is something that is a huge anticipation for a studio. Most studios might get one good hit on this kind of movie in a year. But Disney is looking to buffer their bank accounts if all three of these … wait, did I say if? When these three movies come to fruition.

It’s actually good to see Disney not sitting on their laurels. They own a ton of different companies, but keep striving forward with their movie divisions.

In the right hands, the entertainment industry can be a lucrative investment.

So more than likely, my prediction of Brad Bird directing the new Star Wars film is out while news of this secret project keeps developing.

Time, as in all matters, will be the telling factor here.


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