DISTRICT 9 Review & The Pre-Orders Have Shipped!

by on December 21, 2009

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I pre-ordered myself the 2-disc DVD package of District 9, most undoubtedly one of the best Sci-Fi stories to come along in a long time…  at least back when it was released.  I just received confirmation that my pre-order if District 9 has been shipped from Amazon!  Woo hoo!

For me, District 9 is one of the best sci-fi movies I’ve ever seen.  The only thing I’m sad about is that the television commercials for District 9 are starting to give away some twists that you didn’t know about going into the movie theater.

If you’ve been saving yourself to watch the On-Demand rental or DVD purchase, I’d recommend averting your eyes from the ads to not blow this twist for yourself.  (You’ve been warned!)

As Peter Jackson requested at the screening I was at, please don’t give away the twist in your early reviews because we’ve worked really hard keeping it a secret.

For me, it was an awesome twist and it drove me nuts trying to hide the reveal, but it’s worth it.

Cinema Static’s District 9 Movie Review: (Oultine spoilers for those who want to be totally surprised)

The movie starts out slow but it’s a great method for bringing you up to speed on the who and how some parts of the situation we find ourselves watching developed.
We also watch one “normal Joe,” Wikus Van De Merwe, played sharply by Sharlto Copley, be given a position of responsibility that we’re informed, he just might not be ready for.  But it’s good when you’re married to the boss’s daughter!

Through the movie we watch his evolution of attitude change severely from that of the company man to that of an understanding humanitarian.  Whether he likes it or not.

And yes, there are aliens in the movie.  Aliens that live on Earth and are treated much like any other kind of people that are different from the folks in charge.  They’re rounded up and given their own little town, or district, District 9 to live in.

But when their district becomes too crowded, the humans feel it’s time to move them to a new location.  One that’s a little farther away from the city than the first location.

Wikus’ evolution from lackey of mid-management to the stand he develops is a magnificent and yet subtle transformation.  Not to mention his wife’s dad’s company has a few fascinating agendas.  Some of which, I’ll leave for you to discover.


This film derives from Neill Blomkamp’s life experiences growing up in South Africa and his observations of apartheid.

It was a very riveting film for me to watch with a heart wrenching story to tell.  It may very well be the new classic for the ages and at the very least, is a wonderful film experience.


Cinema Static’s Score for District 99 out of 10.

I did call this “The must see film of the summer.”  I’m now pitching it as the must rent (rent) film from On-Demand.

(Food for thought:  Beware of Comcast’s practices if you’re looking to rent On-Demand.  I’ve been noticing they put films up for rent and then 3 or more weeks later, we find the director’s cut available.  But only  after the base version has been available for a while. If you’re real patient, the reward is wonderful.  Me, I’m stubborn and hate giving up money more than once to a film… usually.  In this case, I did it for the theater and the DVD’s but I won’t give Comcast my money twice any time they do this to a film.)

PS Observation:  There sure were a lot of movies with the number 9 in them this year.

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