Disturbing Allegations About New Syfy TV Series [UPDATE]

by on August 1, 2010

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Syfy Channel has announced a new show called “Human Relations,” amongst other new shows, but this one is about an office situation where the office staff are aliens looking to destroy the Earth.

But one person has alluded to the idea that this premise for the new Syfy pilot is not their idea, but possibly, it’s alleged or alluded to, that the story is incredibly similar to their own premise for a TV series.

The movie in question that is allegedly the original source is called “Drone” and it comes from Amber Benson and Adam Busch.

In fact part of their proof in the pudding is that this new concept for a series came 6 months after “our trailer premiered exclusively on the SyFy channelís website in January.

Here’s more pudding for their perspective, when they compare shows:


“”The Office” meets “Men In Black” in this project featuring an office Temp who slowly discovers that his off-kilter and odd-ball bosses at the strange hi-tech “ad agency” where he works are really aliens working on plan to destroy the Earth.”

Thatís the plot summary from SyFy.

Our (“Drone”) film :

“”The Office” meets “The Day The Earth Stood Still”…is about a guy who works in an office with a kooky, off-kilter boss/co-workers, who then discovers that heís really working with aliens who are plotting to blow-up the Earth.”


They’ve offered their pilot to Syfy to air so viewers can make their own decision.

My Thoughts:

No matter what else I think, I can not fathom that anyone in the chain of creativity from the Syfy Channel committing such a blatant move as ripping off a plot from something they’ve shown on their own website. At all.

I think this is just one of those things, like the indie creator said, where multiple persons have the same idea. I have personally seen it happen a number of times, where folks have similar ideas.† I urge you to check out the source link and see what they have to say for themselves.† [Whedon Info]

UPDATE: According to co-executive producer & writer Scott Prendergast, his premise for his script was something he created in the mid-90’s and he brought his idea to Syfy in January of 2010.

So be it…

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