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Book review of 'Divergent' by Veronica Roth

Divergent, by Veronica Roth, is a fascinating story of one youth facing touch choices in a world where society is split into five different classes or factions of people.  The different factions could be viewed as core character virtues and how they define each group.

The factions are the Candor (honest), Abnegation (selfless), Dauntless (brave), Amity (peaceful), and Erudite (intelligent).  On a predefined day of the year the sixteen-year-old children of the society must choose the faction in which they will live out their days.  This is called Choosing Day.

Most children choose the faction that they’ve been raised in, but our main character, Beatrice, is torn.  Torn between the faction she knows and the faction she feels drawn to.

And beyond that, there’s a secret she must keep, something about her that if it becomes public, will end up getting her put to death.  And as if the faction she chooses isn’t tough enough, because the initiations in her faction is incredibly challenging.

It’s through this journey of Beatrice in Divergent, the first of a trilogy, that we follow the challenges she faces.  Those being of herself, within her factions, both old and new, and where her journey seems to be taking her. We follow her, where, like Katniss from that other book, Beatrice’s decisions impact her society as a whole.

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It’s a mystifying story where one mystery leads you into another, while watching Beatrice, or Tris, as she’s known in her new faction, deal with her scenarios.

Divergent makes a glaring statements on the different classes of humanity.  No doubt about it, but in this society, everyone pretty much adheres happily to their faction’s policies or practices.  Mostly.

This “young adult” categorized read was as engaging as The Hunger Games was when I caught that trilogy.  But the tone has a more subtle flavor to it.  If you didn’t like the outright killing of children for entertainment, but found yourself fixated by the dangers they found themselves in, then Divergent is exactly what the doctor ordered!

And the story was good enough to have it made into a movie.  Way back when it was first announced that the title was optioned for a movie, I picked up the first two books and got through them.  And it was a fun read to say the least.

Summit Entertainment started filming on Tuesday, (4-9-13) in Chicago.

Still of Shailene Woodley with George Clooney and Nick Krause from The Descendants

Beatrice/Tris is being portrayed by Shailene Woodley (The Secret Life of the American Teenager, The Descendants {pictured above}) and she’s joined by Jai Courtney playing Eric, Theo James as Four, and Aaron Eackhart as Andrew Prior.  (I believe fans of Divergent will recognize who I just called out there.)

Other cast includes Ray Stevenson, Kate Winslet, Maggie Q, & Zoe Kravits.

The screenplay adaptation of the story was done by Vanessa Taylor (Game of Thrones, Everwood, Alias) & Evan Daugherty (Snow White and the Huntsman).  It is directed by Neil Burger (The Illusionist, Limitless).

Divergent is due out in theaters in March of 2014.

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