Do 3D Movies Still Have A Place In The Marketplace For You?

by on January 7, 2012

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3D movies - Are they right for you

Right now it seems that no matter what most of us say, the 3D movies option is hurtling at us and not slowing down. From home entertainment systems to movies only being offered in 3D at the movie theater or older movies being re-released in 3D, the consumer options are getting whittled down to either not going to some movies or taking the plunge, “at least this once.”

But the mentality of “at least this once” is what the industry is banking on. Even if you never go see another 3D movie again after that one time, if they tap every single movie-goer at least once, then the marketing onslaught of 3D movies has worked to some degree.

As it was, 2011 saw the lowest number of movie attendee’s in 16 years. Yet as a mere 1.28 billion customers coughed up money for a movie last year, in amongst all the dire headlines of declining movie attendance, folks seem to forget that “The overseas movie market has generated an all-time record of $13.53B in 2011.”

Yea… body counts are low, but prices are up, as are profits.

And when YOU think, heck, I’ll go see at least one movie in 3D, then the studios packed almost 1.3 billion customers into a 3D movie screening.

But is it worth it to you, the movie-goer?

I haven’t found a real good reason to drop my money on either live-action 3D movies or 3D post-processed movies. For example, Conan the Barbarian and Fright Night remakes were presented in 3D and I just don’t get that. Except, I guess, to pull in a dollar or two extra for folks that did see them in that format.

What I’ve discovered is that animated flicks and movies that are endowed with a serious amount of CGI do benefit from the gimmick.

Transformers 3 - Optimus Prime is coming

My first 3D movie was Tron: Legacy. No headache, no side-effects. That was fun in 3D. It skewed my perspective of the movie enough to really enjoy it though in 2D presentations, it’s just OK for me. Then there was Transformers 3 which was also fun in the theater.

And for me, the biggest surprise was my experiment with Kung Fu Panda 2. In 3D made it a rather breath-taking visual experience, to see the characters come to life in the world of the flat screen of cartoon movies.

But I’m not sure, that with the extra costs, that it’s worth anyone’s time to catch as many movies as possible in 3D. That can get pretty pricey in the long run if you go see a lot of movies.

Try it once, so you can say you did it? Sure… choose wisely so that you have a good experience. But as a viewing habit, I don’t think it will be worth my hard-earned bucks. But how do you guys feel about 3D movies? That’s the most important aspect of this issue… you, the consumer.

Then again, if you really want to be the smartest consumer, it’s called being patient (if you can) and waiting until any movie hits Video on Demand and spend about 25 to 50% less money renting something in the comfort of your own home, where I know that there will be no cell phones going off or screwing up my viewing enjoyment from rude movie theater clientele.

But that’s just me.

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