Doctor Who 2013 Christmas Special

by on January 10, 2014

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Doctor Who, The Time of the Doctor

Wow, how many old enemies can you throw at the Doctor in the 2013 Doctor Who Christmas Special? Well, it seems like most of them in this latest special. And once again, the show tosses a crazy, all-over-the-place opening of what feels like a frantic start to another episode.

But after jumping around aimlessly (in story), the Doctor ends up finding and staying in a town called Christmas. And there he stays, for 300 years, defending the town from various old foes of his that keep showing up.

And finally, old age claims the Doctor and he regenerates, for the 13th time.

To be honest, this story didn’t grab me like some of the other stories do. It felt like a tool in name only. (That’s not a bad thing, but it wasn’t a great thing from this TV consumer’s perspective.)

But this is the proverbial annual Christmas story where big things happen. And that big thing was the regeneration.

-I must say, that Matt Smith gave a great parting monologue before changing, and change he did.And I feel that they copped out, making the new Doctor an older gentleman once again. They had so many different directions to go, but there you have it. They went back to what’s worked before.

When Smith was first announced, the franchise took a huge tongue lashing about the change to the younger actor. Yet no one stopped to think that it does not matter who they hire, they’re all representing a 300-year-old character who regenerates into whatever or whoever.

But Smith took his fresh perspective on the character and did very well with it.

Thanks for what you did Matt. Though I have to wonder why there’s such turnover in the role of The Doctor?

And now, the new doctor will be portrayed by Peter Capaldi. Classic Doctor Who fans must be ecstatic.

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