‘Doctor Who’: River Song’s Timeline, In Order

by on October 3, 2011

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Over the last few seasons of Doctor Who, starring Matt Smith, we had the opportunity to encounter the enigmatic and spoiler free Dr. River Song (Alex Kingston).

When we first met her in Doctor Who, The Doctor encountered her in the nick of time. He had lost or broke his sonic screwdriver, but there she was, with his sonic screwdriver.

Alex Kingston as River Song in 'Doctor Who'

It was confounding and mysterious, all at once.

And then through the last couple of seasons, each encounter with River Song, new clues were dabbled out to the viewers. And through the episodes, we were treated to various aspects of her life, in a fragmented sort of time line.

Now, being put before Doctor Who fans, is River Song’s timeline, called River Song: Her Story, narrated by Alex Kingston herself.


via Dr Who TV.

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