‘Doctor Who’ Season 6 Finale… A Recap of The Lie That Was

by on October 2, 2011

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Cinema Static - TV News, Movie News and other Entertainment OpinionAnd another episode of Doctor Who, the season finale, starts out with their trademark collective of obscure pieces of story pulled together to start the episode off. (It’s very late, I’m very tired.  I hope this makes sense.)

It will all be explained… and if you can survive the confusion that is Doctor Who, it all starts to make sense by about the half-way point,usually.  Except in this case, for me, it only started to make sense in the last 10 minutes.  And I had a full explanation of of everything in the last 4 minutes.

Matt Smith as the Doctor in 'Doctor Who'

With that said, spoilers of a sort are coming:

It seems that The Silence is a religious group trying to keep the doctor down becuase he’s too dangerous.  In the end, it seems that the message being sent by all the fragmented plot lines that are converging here, is that The Doctor has to die, but can’t die.  Can he?  He’s done so much that it’s too much for one man to have tinkered with through all of time. (kind of like lifer politicians!)   Because of that, he must die so he can no longer be such a huge factor with the transition of time.

We finally see the conversation between The Doctor and the Impossible Astronaut at Utah in the first episode of Doctor Who, which is he and River Song, who is trapped in the suit.

But then River pulls a stunt and fires the suit’s blaster repeatedly until it’s drained of power and now it can’t kill The Doctor.  And now, she’s totally screwed up time itself.  Time becomes stuck, though everyone is still living but the only person aging is the Doctor.

But this event River caused, creates two fragmented realities of time.

It all comes crashing together when The Doctor knows he must die, or appears to know he must sacrifice himself to make things look like he’s set things right.  All he has to do, in this confused time-line, is come in physical contact with River Song.

It all came together, but I can’t explain it. They kiss and time finally starts to move forward and that “which is the Doctor,” is shot at Utah and time kicks it back in gear.

If you have some artsy description praising the prose that pulled this all together into the end of the 40-minute-ish episode, then I want some of what you’re toking!  LOL.  It seemed to be fascinatingly complicated to some degree.

In the end, Doctor Who tricks the entire system or process of time, reality, everyone around him and such, because when he was killed at the beginning of the season, it was really The Doctor in a Doctor spaceship or android creation.  I guess I missed the episode where he made friends with people inside people ships.

So the Doctor that was shot by the spaceman, what we believed throughout the entire season, was a lie.  A well pieced together lie that kept us off-guard while we were dragged through the rest of the eclectic set of stories that made up the sixth season of Doctor Who.

The robot was killed, the universe thinks he’s dead and now, he must operate in secret, in the shadows, so to speak.

To be honest, if killing him set time straight again, how did his spaceship body-ship him getting killed set time right again?

And in the end, we start to learn that there is one question, as old as time, is about to be answered.  That’s the one question the Doctor has been running from.  That is… Doctor Who?  But hasn’t that always been the question? That’s how I’ve always looked at the title!

How will the Doctor operate in seclusion, or secret and still pull off what he does each episode?  Therein lies another question.

But we do know we will have a Doctor Who Christmas Special coming up.  Will that be in secret?

Thanks for coming by everyone.

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Paul Forcey March 6, 2012 at 8:23 pm

“Let’s have tea”

I am English, My wife is American and she is always amazed how often she hears that line when my family are here.

I love Dr Who, but the latest ones have totally left me going so what…I didn’t even bother watching some which means that I will probably not understand the next ones and will end up giving up all together.

lucious March 6, 2012 at 8:04 pm

Not to mention, what purpose did their getting married serve? Absolutely no purpose but to titilate, like all DW these days. Ever since season 4 it’s been titilate titilate, with no regard to making sense. Even in sci-fi, you have to make SOME sense, otherwise it’s just ‘playing pretend’. I have a feeling that’s what Moffat thinks of his audience.

“I can’t control the suit!”
“Oh, maybe I can control it enough to shoot all my ammo!”

“I have to die!”
“Oh, maybe a robot suit can die instead! Let’s have tea!”

Bruce Simmons October 2, 2011 at 9:20 am

Hey Paul, g’morning. Sorry about the headache! Yea… I think I figure out why the show is losing me this year… they stuff totally nonsensical visuals/clues in the first 10-20 minutes that when they make no sense, I lose my own track of time… and then, 40 minutes later, they all make perfect sense!!! But by then, what the bloody *! is the point? I figured you’d like this write up Paul… LOL.

Paul Forcey October 2, 2011 at 8:31 am

its not even 10am and I now have a headache..huh..

I didnt watch last night, but now i will try and find it online so i can watch and see if what you are saying makes it make more sense..
Maybe if i watch it while reading this post, time will right itself and we will get a better Dr and something apart from people trying to kill the Dr because he is so dangerous, which we had last season with the pandorica..

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