DOCTOR WHO Tardis Interior Pictures!

by on March 29, 2010

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Doctor Who Tardis Interior!

As we get closer to the American premiere of Doctor Who, starring Matt Smith and Karen Gillan, more and more info is coming out… the latest are some images of the interior of the new Tardis that the good Doctor travels about in.

Back in January some pics hinting at the Tardis interior came out, and today, io9 had some pics that led me a few sources for the Tardis images. Here are some of the new images that came out Monday:

Doctor Who Tardis Interior 00

See the Tardis Interior of Doctor Who Image for an incredibly detailed look at the above image. (Be warned, it’s HUGE!)

Doctor Who Tardis Interior 01

Check out the entire collection of Doctor Who Tardis Interior Pictures over at Radio Times.

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