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Doctor Who is in its 5th series (Season) of the modern-day version of “The Doctor.” When Matt Smith was announced as the newest Doctor, the fan-base made their immediate assumptions on what they saw in pictures of the young actor. Some fans were level-headed and said they’ll wait to weigh in, while other fans swore off the series immediately, based on a picture or two. In a word… Your Loss!

After David Tennant, I was a bit pensive on the change up but what were the fans going to do? Tennant left, he wasn’t kicked out of the Doctor Who franchise, and we all panicked. Yet Matt Smith was hand-picked by the creative forces behind the newest series of the doctor. To some degree, I felt we needed to have faith in the creative forces behind the show. If we didn’t, we, the fans would be betraying our own opinions. We would be invalidating all the good things we saw in Doctor Who. I say that because no one man can be the success behind a TV series.

{Warning: Reading beyond the page break here, you will encounter an image spoiler. You’ve been warned, my soul can rest!}

Sure, I’ve personally seen a single person destroy team dynamics with ill-spoken words, a poor team dynamic or just a crap attitude towards his peers or more laughingly, about himself. But it does take a team to bring the art of entertainment to life for the customer, and keep it in their minds. So when we enjoyed David Tennant as the face of Doctor Who, we were enjoying the team of Doctor Who. To be honest, I actually didn’t like Tennant at first, but I came around pretty quickly.

Matt Smith as Doctor Who in The Eleventh Hour

Hence, when I saw the tall haired Matt Smith (Sure, I’m a bit jealous!), I quietly cringed but settled in for the wait. We then had a few TV ads with the teaser trailers. Some of the naysayers were quick to jump on the scenes where “The Doctor” punches another character, and where he raises a gun towards an unknown target. I watched the forums go crazy with their suppositions that “the good Doctor” has definitely changed and that he would never do these things. It seemed to help validate their perspectives and sync up the premise that they still aren’t going to follow the new Doctor. Myself, I thought it was interesting how Matt Smith was being presented in the Doctor Who teasers.

Doctor Who: Well Into The Newest Season:

Now that we’ve seen a few episodes of Doctor Who’s 5th season, I feel like some folk seriously jumped the gun on their assumptions. I’ve now seen why “the Doctor” decked another character and I see why he also had to take to raising a firearm towards that unknown target. I’m also glad that though these newest scenes brought a bit of glimmer of interest to myself, that “the Doctor,” effectively, is who he always has been.

With that said, the new Doctor played by Matt Smith (Matthew Robert Smith), who was born on October 28th, 1982 has pulled off the role of “The Doctor” rather well I think. He’s set up the character as they’ve constantly paid homage to the old renditions while injecting spunky little add-on’s from Smith himself. There seems to be more running, a bit more physicality and what seems to be a subtle kind of sarcasm underneath it all that is really just a wonderful version of dry-wit. (Warning: dry-wit rarely works out in the real world. Everyone starts calling you anti-social or sarcastic. Oh, the nerve of thee!)

Doctor Who - The Daleks in season 5 2010

Doctor Who - The Daleks from season 5

Admittedly, it’s a bit old to see “The Doctor” confront all his new “old” nemesis, but they’ve included some new twists on and around the old stories. Sure, we’re covering old territory. But I can’t get enough of the Weeping Angels. And to see how and what the Daleks did was interesting. Now that we know that (edited statement for the sake of preserving any spoiler information for the time-shifted viewer), we saw how the new Doctor dealt with them. Not to mention how cool the new versions of the Daleks look. (Don’t worry, it all makes sense when you see the episode.)

Doctor Who - Weeping Angel

A Weeping Angel from Doctor Who... who doesn't look all that weepy

Though he confronts old situations, the new perspective, the new companion in Amy Pond (Karen Gillan) and the new situations can add a dab of unique to this eleventh TV series Doctor Who. I specifically note TV series, because if you add in all other venues of entertainment, there have been over 30 different actors to portray “The Good Doctor.” But alas, that’s for another article I’m working on.

Here’s the full season 5 preview put out by the BBC for Doctor Who:

In the meantime, I’m enjoying this latest rendition of Doctor Who. I’m wondering if you are too?

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Doctor Who (2005) Amazon Store

[Daleks image from Ultimate “Doctor Who”. Beware, episodes are fully spelled out and hence, could be spoilers]

Bonus Picture: If you’ve read all the way to this point, let me share something here. Clicking on the link below the “Doctor Who Tardis Interior” image will bring up a HUGE resolution version of the pic in a new window… it’s like almost being inside the Tardis! Good luck!

Doctor Who Tardis Interior 00

Hi Resolution Image of Tardis Interior.

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