DOCTOR WHO with Matt Smith and Karen Gillan in “The Eleventh Hour”

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The newest Doctor Who starring Matt Smith, ,starts out his reign on our TV sets with a close call with Big Ben as we find him hanging off the Tardis as it spins out of control through the sky. That was our opening teaser. (If you’re looking for Doctor Who Spoilers, you are not going to find them in this opinion review of the newest, 11th Doctor, in his newest sets of adventures.)

The good Doctor then crashes into Amy Pond’s (Karen Gillan) yard, and he is one fickle, hungry fellow. Then again, he’s “still cooking” as he finishes off his transformation into the newest Doctor. “The Doctor.”

You al’ right?

There are days, I’m seriously off.

– – – – –

Matt Smith as Doctor Who in The Eleventh Hour

The newest rendition of the doctor seems to have a bit more of a quirkiness to it compared to the previous renditions. It’s not big, but it’s there and I like this extra bit of snarky. It’s something you catch “out of the corner of your eye.”

So the new Doctor likes fish fingers dipped in custard, ie: fish-custard. (ICK!) and he has a new catch phrase, “Geronimo!

Doctor Who with Matt Smith 02

Matt Smith is The Doctor. He’s different enough to make the new edge of snarky work, and a little close in mannerism to help heal the gaping hole left by the absence of David Tennant. And yet the story was the classic sort of quirky that can drive a non Doctor Who fan

I’ve seen you before.”

“Not me, brand new face. First time on.

Smith is a quirky looking fellow… his hair is tall, his eyes are bit more sunken than most. He does a lot more running than I remember, he seems to have, or more to the point, demonstrates a new talent or ability or two.

Doctor Who with Karen Gillan as Amy Pond

His new companion, Karen Gillan, brings more of a pleasant eye wrapper factor tho the show, but it’s done in a repsectful amount of pretty. Smith and Gillan are like book ends. They compliment each other nicely.

The writing is classic and compelling and the threat, as fresh and unique as ever. Smith is a bit more animated, quirky and seems to have a few more skills that I don’t remember.

To the people who were critics about the casting of Matt Smith, if you haven’t watched the newest series, find it, check it out. There’s a bit more dry wit and a bit more action.

Doctor Who with Matt Smith 06-Dueling Clapboards

Looks like Dueling Clapboards from Doctor Who

Regardless, this new series of Doctor Who is just as good as it’s ever been and you won’t be disappointed. If you know me, you know you can trust my opinion. And now we can sit and wait to figure out if Doctor Who figures out that crack in the universe that was hinted at.

2 minutes to spare, and no screwdriver! Who da man!?

The closing scenes of this first episode has Doctor Who scare off the new enemy, pays a great homage to past Doctors, and the new Doctor gets a new screwdriver! THIS. IS. THE. NEW. DOCTOR WHO. (OK, I lied. There’s a few minuscule spoilers!)

After watching this first episode, the preview for the upcoming season looks absolutely-fricking-fantastic.

– – – – –

The next episode of Doctor Who finds them in the distant future, visiting the Starship UK.

Doctor Who with Matt Smith -2nd episode

If you dare, here’s the preview for the upcoming Doctor Who Episode:

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