Does Comcast Sell Your Information?

by on April 17, 2013

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I pose the question on if Comcast sells your personal data to marketers… because of a variable number of factors I observed after a transaction I had with Comcast.

A quick bit of history: I’ve been at my present address for almost 7 years now. We have never received one piece of junk/spam mail at the door because I use a mailing address for ALL my correspondence.
A few weeks back, I was forced or coerced into signing up for a all-in-one package from Comcast that includes

  • Cable,
  • Internet &
  • Phone.

It was an odd ordeal. I had called to get a digital box replaced, but instead, ended up walking away adding a phone service to my overall package. And heck, for the time being, I’m getting a bit over $40 off from my monthly bill. So I had a hard time resisting.

We got the new box installed. You need a new box with a phone jack to get this service. And that was it. I don’t own a land line phone and I haven’t since 2007.

And away they went. Bah-bye Comcast man, and thank you for installing my phone service (that I will never, ever use).

Then it started…

With a phone service tied into your Comcast service, you now get ID notifications of who ever is calling. And low and behold, we started getting calls from oddball business entities almost immediately.

This on a phone number I had no clue as to what it was.

They notices are annoying and maybe I’ll figure out how to turn them off. But eh, it seemed funny.

But my next observation or data point for my inquiry was the junk mail I started getting at my home address. Sure enough, I got an ATT junk ad congratulating my on my recent move. (Geologically speaking, I guess seven years is recent.)

And then I got a United Dental spammer mail. (I keep calling my junk mail spam mail… it’s all the same really.) And since then, I’ve received a few other items.

After having been off the grid for junk mail for several years, I find the timing funny that one of the only services that needs to know my address, after hooking up a phone, I start getting junk mail.

I can take two assumptions away from this pile of experience:

It’s completely unique timing that I started getting junk mail after ordering and getting a new land line service.


Looking at the timing of the solicitor phone calls to the new number and junk mail in my box, that Comcast sells my information to third parties. (Or maybe the phone service associates with Comcast does.)

Either way, so much for being off the grid of junk mail! They found me. If it is Comcast, this is a rather insidious practice, looking to make a few extra pennies on top of the billions they make now. It reminds me of how DirecTV employees spam websites in their comments.

To be more explicit, my suspicion is that the department or provider of ‘Comcast Digital Voice (CDV) now known as Xfinity Voice is a telephone’ is who provided the means of selling my address to mass marketers. I’ve had cable and internet with the company for quite some time and had not experienced this issue. Unless this is a new business practice.

So beware, or, now you know. I’m done with my Consumer Rant for the day.

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Jocelyn Lober September 9, 2017 at 3:00 pm

Comcast absolutely sells numbers. They were found guilty and they’re still doing it:

S Mott May 3, 2013 at 1:49 pm

After spending nearly 2 hrs on the phone w comcast today I think I understand how an old customer name of mine was on some junk mail from “US Airlines” telling me I had free tickets….

It seems that Comcast publishes your name, address and phone number on the web at Seems to be run by Xfinity.
They do NOT tell you they do this.

It’s basically a public site that any telemarketer or junk mailer can access.
I complained about this and they took me off it (for 3.50).

Dunno if its actually a privacy violation, butnit seems the source of a bunch of junk mail.

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