Does Warner Bros Herald A New View on 3D Movies?

by on October 8, 2010

in Entertainment

Harry Potter Won’t Be Post-Converted 3D

It’s been announced that Warner Bros. is not going to release the latest Harry Potter movie in 3D. I thought that possibly there was something in the wind where Warner Bros was putting their foot down and saying no thanks, movie goers aren’t that interested. But alas, not true. Per official statements, WB is claiming that they can’t make their release deadline if they post-convert to 3D so the final release will be in 2D and IMAX.

The official release says the quality could not be maintained and have the film converted properly throughout. Yet in the same article on THR, they note the fans distaste for post-conversion movies.

Maybe, just maybe, this is the tip of the retreating iceberg and we may start getting fewer 3D converted movies. Please, we can only hope.

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