Dog Plays Keep Away With Deer [Horribly Cute Wildlife]

by on July 14, 2010

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Today’s Cinema Static YouTube Pick is a dog playing with a baby deer. People are always loading up the web with videos of their animals doing cute things. I’m guilty of that too when my dog wanted to play with a roller coaster! (See last vid)

But this takes the cake: A black lab playing keep away with his ball from a young deer. It’s horribly cute to see these two critters play. I am only surmising they’re playing though I initially thought deer flailing their front feet was an aggression thing, but maybe it’s their only way of play. At least that’s my thought now that I’ve seen these videos! But I am suspicious at how brave the little guy is in the first video. The second video pretty much sums it up!

Check it out below:

4 minutes of Buddy playing with Baby White Tailed Deer:

You get him Bud!!! (Notice the smart & safe spectator on the porch?)

This is round 2 of Buddy versus the Baby Deer. It clocks in at just over 3 minutes of tamed cuteness.

A few thoughts: Notice the really smart spectators in the background? (The cats)

I’m guessing the deer is much more domesticated than I originally thought. Why is it licking her hand? Salt lick. I used to put out salt blocks for the cows at my grandfather’s place in Maine and I noticed that deer love salt too.

With it being so domesticated, it takes some of the magic out of the moment, but it’s still cute.

I’ll save you!!!

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