Dog Stolen By Dirtbags

by on October 29, 2009

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East Palo Alto, Norhtern CA:

This is why some people continually raise my level of disappointment with humanity:

A ten-year-old boy named Tyrell Riley has been fighting carcinoma that almost claimed his right leg.

His father got Tyrell a dog to give him something to focus on other than his own woes and his dad said the dog has been a source of solace for the boy.

Now it seems that while they were out at a sporting event, someone broke into their backyard and stole the dog.

It’s a white dog with light brown spots and though the description is vague, there is contact info at the article I’ve linked to. There’s a picture in another paper, but I can’t find it online right now.

People just frustrate the crap out of me sometimes. It is, if I remember correctly, a Bull Terrier, and they are the sweetest dogs I’ve ever encountered… unless they’re snagged and “trained” to fight. Those kind of people suck. No matter what Michael Vick of DMX say or do, them and people like them will never get my support ever again. (Which really ticked me off… I had a lot of DMX music on my system.)

source: Mercury News

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