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Dog the Bounty Hunter TV show canceled

The TV series cancellation news is coming fast in the early part of this week. On Monday, after being mum for three months, Syfy finally fessed to canceling Sanctuary and right after that notice, THR also reported that Dog the Bounty Hunter was canceled by A&E! Gulp!

The series lasted eight hood-chasing seasons and I have to admit that when I had run out of things to watch, Dog was my go-to guilty pleasure! So I have to wonder, will the bail jumpers still get the same Christian lecture they used to get on-camera, now that the show is over? Or just a good beating for their trouble?

I guess Dog’s gang had their own internal issues to boot, with Duane Lee and Leland and Beth having some issues. But hey, it had a good run, considering how it got started… as an episode of an A&E produced series called Take This Job… a series about interesting or unusual jobs.

After seeing where the show has ended up, with all the gear and tough guy auras, I’d love to get a gander at that Take this Job episode and see how it all began!


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Bruce Simmons May 24, 2012 at 12:15 pm

There’s also a special DVD coming out of 4 popular episodes of DOG THE BOUNTY HUNTER… so stay tuned! (How’s things?)

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