Don’t Trust TVline & Other Entertainment News Outlets On Social Media

by on October 28, 2012

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Social Media TV SpoilersA Brusimm Opinion/Observation:

If you’re a TV fan who is also engaged in social media, you have a fine line to tread these days.

Case in point that started this rant was a tweet by TVLine on the early evening of October 26th that gave away an event in Fringe.  They seemed to wait for the East Coast airing to end, then tweeted their article…  long before anyone on the West Coast had a chance to catch the latest episode of Fringe.

And for me, this might have made the episode a more impactful episode had it been a surprise.  Instead, it was another mildly dull episode of the show, knowing what to expect.

This isn’t the first time I’ve seen episodes spoiled.  And it’s not restricted to mainstream news outlets, but other blogs sometimes do this.

But I think it’s crap that they make no qualms spoiling things for a large demographic of the TV watching crowd on any social media venue.

Even as I write this piece, their recap for tonight’s episode of The Walking Dead just went live on Facebook, while it’s still 2 hours from airing for the West Coast.

And a few minutes before that, a Once Upon A Time recap article title that seems to spoil something.  But at least I’m not invested in that show.

But as far as I’m concerned, that’s complete disregard for the TV viewer.

I’ve seen this often enough, but it’s getting stupid when I care about an upcoming TV episode & I have to consciously avoid my lifeline to entertainment news (and my friends & family online) from my RSS feeds, Facebook, Twitter or other social venues.

It’s ridiculous and it’s just a fact of the online life.

Too many times I’ve had a show I care about get spoiled, but what are we going to do?  Boycott websites feeds?  Cry foul?  It won’t matter.  As a TV consumer, it’s up to you to tread carefully in this jungle of social media.


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