Downtown Menlo Park Was Deserted For One Happy Day

by on December 26, 2011

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Twas the day of Christmas, and my wife and I took a leisurely walk through downtown Menlo Park.

The mood was not a very festive Christmas mood in Menlo Park… but that was because almost every single store or shop or restaurant was closed for the holiday.

Subway had a sign posted earlier in the week that they were going to be open on Christmas day, but alas, when we walked by, it was not. Walgreen’s was open but with nary a customer within. The BBC across El Camino Real at the end of Santa Cruz was open, but we did not investigate the interior count of patrons. We also learned that Applewood Pizza was opening at 4p.m. that day.

On this peaceful day, it was a very calming walk and in the process, I took a couple of pictures of scenes that I think no one will ever see on a normal day in Menlo Park. In the process, I whipped out my Droid and took some photos of a holiday in California, on a pretty blue day where the temps were sitting at a brisk set of 50 or so.

Anyone ever see the parking lot behind Draeger’s this empty… ever?

Downtown Menlo Park, behind Draeger'sDraeger's: Looking Downtown Menlo Park 2011-12-25_13-26


Here, we’re in front of Peet’s, (the 2nd Peet’s to open in the history of the franchise), looking down Santa Cruz, towards El Camino Real…

It was like a scene from a Stephen King movie, as we trespassed down the street, with the rustle of a breeze here and there, the echo of the lone car every now and then, reverberating through the town.

Looking Downtown Menlo Park 2011-12-25_13-27 in front of Peet's.

Here’s looking down the street past Trader Joe’s:

Looking Downtown Menlo Park 2011-12-25_13-46; Trader Joe's

It was neat and weird all at once, to be able to stand in the middle of any street in downtown and, well, not have any cars bearing down on me! I could have almost started a solitaire game there. (For the record: I don’t recommend playing in the middle of any street.)

Well, that’s it for the super quick tour of the Christmas-deserted streets of Menlo Park! See ya all later!

Looking Downtown Menlo Park 2011-12-25_13-49

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